Nick Drollette

I have been telling him and telling him….and finally he listened to me.  Nick Drollette is a friend of mine who is a young and talented photographer in Montgomery. I kept telling him it was time for a new bio picture for his website. So this afternoon we went out and tried to accomplish this long awaited task. Below are a couple shots from this afternoon.

Picture 4
Picture 6

Picture 3


  1. Man these look good! I wish I could have pictures this good!

  2. great pics evan! the second one is my fav!! he mentioned these in class today and said he looked like john mayer, i can see this! lol.

  3. I know this guy…. GREAT pictures.

  4. Hey! That’s the kid that shot our engagement party! Hey, Nick! Lookin’ good. You should definitely use these pics.

  5. Looking good Nick! Great job Evan. Keep ’em coming!

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