Andrew Banach

I KNOW…. I have been a terrible blogger the last couple of months. But I’m back. I hope. 😉 Fingers crossed. I have been super busy, in the best of ways. I started a new business, have been working my butt of at KBP, Weddings on the weekends, planning a fall carnival, church functions…the list goes on and on.

In the midst of all my craziness– I found time to head out with a friend of mine for a much needed photo session. MEET: Andrew. He was in major need of some updated photos. Right, Andrew? 😉 So we headed downtown one Saturday afternoon. I think his girlfriend was very pleased with the results.

DSC_0139copy DSC_0145copy


  1. these are fantastic, evan!! very natural. really great work!

  2. Hannah Kelley says

    He’s super handsome! Too bad he has a girlfriend. Great work Evan!

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