Aren’t They Too Cute? -Montgomery, AL Photographer

This post is way past over due, and I know it. Blogging hasn’t always been a strong point for me. But, I decided and well, kinda set my mind to the fact that I WAS going to start blogging more since I have this super duper fancy new blog. And, well..I failed at that too. The busy days at work, the stresses of everyday, and church have certainly caused me to fall behind.

I shot these photos back in December of 2009 for the Powell’s Christmas Card. I recently came across them again while doing some file re-organizing (that I was in major need of), and thought I need to Blog these. Lilly (oldest), Addy and their family are family friends of ours that we have known since way back when. Lilly and Addy’s Mom used to “babysit” us, tutor us in school, take us to the park, and the list could go on and on. But, it seems like just yesterday these precious little Kiddos were born. I remember going to see Lilly at the hospital, and doing it all over again when Addy arrived. These girls are precious, not only to me, but to many people. How could I not blog those precious little faces.

Oh, and by the way girls, we are in desperate need of a new photo session. It has been way to long. I have some pretty fun ideas. 😉

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  1. you can never get enough of these two sweethearts. They make my heart smile.

  2. these are beautiful, evan! awesome work!!

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