Canary Island, Spain

It was this time last year I was headed to the Canary Islands for our All Church Mission Trip. Every trip I go own is unique in it’s own way. The Canaries were beautiful– it was like nothing I have ever seen. Bright Colors, textures, and incredibly genuine people who were hungry to hear the word of God.

Missionaries to the Canaries, Larry and Melinda Henderson are speaking tomorrow morning at our Church (Melinda grew up in our church). When I heard they were coming to speak, It hit me– I have never posted any of these photos from my trip. No one has ever seen them. It’s been a whole year and I haven’t posted these? Am I crazy?? Below are several photos from my trip last June– So many bright colors, and different textures. It really expresses the beauty of the Canaries. Enjoy! Let me know what you think– Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know you were here.

*On a side note: I will be heading to Guatemala this next week– keep a look out for a sneak peek post while I’m away. If your interested in minute by minute updates from the moment I hop on the plane, to the moment I land in Guatemala–  Follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Amy Argo says

    Makes me miss the Canaries! The thing that struck me most about the landscape was the colors and doors and windows, too 😉

  2. love them… Im going back one day:)

  3. I have never wanted to go to Spain more than I do right now after seeing these glorious images. I love the way you put them together too-very artsy and colorful. LOVE.

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