The Super Market Bunch

It’s Wednesday, they day some of you have been waiting for… it’s that middle of the week slump– You can do it! Hang in there. Friday is a comin’.  In honor of  the middle of the week slump we wanted something that would brighten your day—Flowers! Yup! You heard me! Not just any flowers though, Super Market Flowers.

If you follow me on Social Media sites, you probably saw the Instagram photo I posted that was captioned, “No, I haven’t lost my mind just working on a blog post with flowers from the supermarket– a place everyone has access to.” The caption says it perfectly, and that’s exactly what we are doing. I get so many emails and messages from people saying, “I don’t have access to a wholesale house” or “Our City doesn’t have a flower market”. So we wanted to show you guys that it’s not about where the flowers come from, it’s about what you do with them.  We’re calling this post “The Super Market Bunch” Enjoy!

This is the bunch we picked up from the Super Market . Most folks do exactly what we did here, Unwrap the bunch of flowers and stick them in a vase. But if you want to really take your Super Market Bunch to the next level, follow each of the steps below. You won’t be disappointed. *Photos by my friend Nick at Nick Drollette Photography


First, there a few basics you want to keep in mind when purchasing your bunch. Make sure you pick a bunch that has several types of flowers, some greenery,  and possibly a filler.

In prepping for  your arrangement you want to make sure that you cut your stems at an angle and remember to remove all of the lower leaves on the stems so that they do not rot under wanted.

The key to a full arrangement – make a grid on top of the vase. I used oasis water proof tape, but regular scotch tape will work perfectly (make sure the edges of your vase are dry if you are using scotch tape).


Once you’ve taped off your vase you can now start the fun part—I always begin with greening my arrangements first.


After you’ve greened your vase you will then want to add you “focal flowers”. A focal flower is your larger flower and typically a more dominate one. In our case the tiger lilies are the largest.


Once the focal flower(s) has been added to your arrangement you can then start adding your secondary flowers. Mums, alstroemeria, carnations, and cushion mums are a few that came in our bunch.




Now that you’ve added all of your secondary flowers, go back through your arrangement and fill in any holes you may see with either some sort of filler or extra greenery that you may have had left over.  Feel free to clip a few stems from your yard for extra filler  if  needed.


And that my friends is it. It’s that easy! Anyone can do it!


Give us your thoughts! Is this something you think you’ll try? We sure hope so! We’d love to see pictures! Keep us posted on your progess!

Happy Wednesday!


Louisville, KY

A couple weeks back our Fine Arts State Level Competition took place, and I couldn’t be more proud of the Students who participated in the festivities. We are looking forward to #Orlando13. We are SO EXCITED!! We can’t wait, LITERALLY. The countdown is on. So in honor of our fast approaching National Festival this year, Our trip from last year…..

Back in August we took a little road trip to Louisville Kentucky with my church Montgomery First. It is here where the 2013 Fine Art Festival took place. For those of you that don’t know, Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of national youth ministries designed to “help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts. From Signing, Drama, Graphic Design, Art, Photography, and even writing. There are over 61 categories– something for every student.

A week away with 25 of your closet friends, we have a BLAST. From Celebrating my Birthday with Addy Grace in Hard Rock Cafe to taking home 2 National Award of Merits for Photography entries– it was a FANTASTIC.

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Guatemala [35mm Film]

You may remember a post several months back with my  iPhone pictures from Guatemala… As most of you now, I spent a couple of weeks in there last summer. It was truly a life-changing trip. I have never been to a country that was so hungry for a move of God like Guatemala was. I met so many wonderful people there, made TONS and TONS of memories.

In the rush of life and everyday tasks, I totally forgot to post actual photos from my trip. I work with some of the most incredibly talented photographers in town, and when my boss Josh told me that I should order a film camera and take with me to Guatemala I knew I had too. The images below are ALL Film shots. YES!! Film. Ya, know the 35mm stuff. There is just something about film. The colors, the emotion, and the look of it. I LOVE it. Thanks to Josh’s lab Indie Film Lab for the fantastic scans.

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Below is a video that I put together of several of the images I shot while in Guatemala.
Song: They will See God by Benji Cowart

Zac the Intern– [Guatemala City, Guatemala Film Photographer]

Where do I possibly begin?  Zachary Griner is a good ole’ southern boy from Ocilla Georgia. I met “Hey Arnold”, I mean Zach this year in Guatemala. He was serving as the official “Intern” to the Dave and Debbie Amsler, the Missionaries we worked with while there.  It has been said many times by several people in our group that, “We felt like Zach should have come back with us.” That’s the truth. Zach is one of the most down to earth people you will meet. He’s hilarious, a huge sports fan, LOVES Zaxby’s, and  most importantly– He loves the Lord! Hey Zach, remember that time you knocked over a whole self of stuff  trying to show me some hair gel?  He fit in so well with our group it’s kinda creepy. I think several of the girls even had a tiny crush on him too– I won’t name names. I’ll be nice. 😉

The night before we left to head back to the states, I realized I have about 6 shots left on the roll of film in my camera– I asked Zach to meet me down stairs the next morning so I could finish it off. I was pretty pleased with the results. I think he was to! (or at least I hope he was.) haha Below are several of the shots I took that morning.

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite quote from Zach on the trip: “I have a question– Can I Hold your glasses?” –Zachary Griner

Zac_Blog_#1 Zac_Blog_#2