We’ll Miss You Sharon

Sharon, Oh Sharon. What are we going to do without you!?

Yup folks, you heard right. She’s leaving. Well, she’s actually officially gone. She celebrated our 50th wedding with us this past weekend and went out with a bang. She will never forget her last wedding at Evan and Company, it was 100 degrees, literally.  2015-06-14_0008 My name may be on the t-shirts and van, but it’s gals like Sharon that really make Evan and Company a success. Sharon has been with me since day one. From photo shoots, weddings and everything in between I don’t know what I would’ve done these last 2 years without her. 2015-06-14_0002 Sharon and her husband are moving back “home” to Headland, Alabama. Both of their Mothers are facing some health setbacks and they mutually felt it was time for them to be closer. I tried to talk her oldest daughter into having a kiddo so they would be more inclined to stay in Montgomery. It didn’t work.  2015-06-14_0005 2015-06-14_0004 Shar-bear (that’s what we call her around the office. You can thank Chandler for that one!) has truly been like a 2nd Mom to not only me, but everyone on our team. Though we don’t always listen, it doesn’t stop Momma Sharon. Her brain is packed with cheesy jokes, heartfelt words and a wealth of wisdom.  2015-06-14_0003 We’ve shared lots of memories with Sharon but one of my most favorite moments…. 2015-06-14_0009 Our team photo shoot with Aubrie. It’s not everyday a gal gets professional hair and makeup. You should’ve have seen her getting all glammed up, you would’ve thought she was going to prom. 2015-06-14_0007

I never imagined that I would cross paths with an individual like Sharon, but I’m certainly glad they did.

Thank you for everything you do in helping me fulfill my dreams in life. I couldn’t do what I do without strong team players like you. You inspire me to keep going, push me to be creative and yell at me when I book 3 weddings in 1 weekend but I wouldn’t change it one bit. You will be missed tremendously but of course not forgotten. Answer your phone when I call to talk. 😉

Love You!


As I mentioned in Wednesdays post we are giving the Evan and Company offices a much needed face lift.  March 2015 will be 2 years that we have been occupying the space and it’s long over due for a “overhaul”. Most of the design elements were rushed and last minute in efforts to make the space usable and inviting for client meetings.

This is how our front “lobby” looks now. Remember this is the BEFORE. I can’t wait to get that mantle installed too.  2014-11-06_0001 We use the space for initial consults with new clients and naps when we have to pull all nighters. 😉  It certainly serves its purpose but can most definitely look a million times better. I think one of my favorite pieces in the space is that little mustard yellow cabinet over there in the corner. I’m obsessed with yellow. It’s my all FAVORITE color. I like it so much Brian tried to talk me into painting an accent wall yellow, but I didn’t want to go that far.  2014-11-06_0002 I knew wanted a white sofa from Day 1. Of course that called for a quick trip to ATL and Ikea. But that quickly became a “why did I pick this” piece after we got it back and in the office. I think it might be getting a quick fix too. Brian has a plan, well kind of, I think! 😉 I do LOVE my Target arm chairs though. They’re so comfy. Unfortunately they will be going. Who wants to buy a pair of chairs? I’m still unsure why I wanted to be an interior designer, this is too intense for me. Of course you can’t have a makeover without paint, right? Thankfully Brian sent me in with some colors to look at. I spent an hour in the Benjamin Moore store staring at those paint samples. Some of them, I’m not exactly sure what he was thinking, others…. I think we might have a winner. 2014-11-06_0004 My best friend Andrew is heading over this weekend to help a brother out. He’s going to paint a few nooks and crannies for us. Can you guess what colors we chose? Check back on Tuesday to see the process. I’m SO EXCITED!!!

The Hunt for a Mantle

I’ve decided it’s time…. way past time. The office needs a makeover.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s “cute” and functional but I don’t get excited when I walk into work everyday. It’s become “blah” to me.

Of course I never like anything I do for my own personal use so I enlisted the help of Brian. He doesn’t have that fancy design degree for nothing. 😉 Not sure he’s ready to take on the challenge (I kind of picky) but….. a new floor, paint, and a few new furniture pieces and we’ll be ready to rock and roll by our Holiday Open House on December 4th (more details coming soon). The first suggestion he offered up was an anchor piece. We mutually agreed upon a mantle. Of course that means a field trip.

We met Brian over at Rescued Relics. For all you locals, it’s downtown off of Madison Ave. They have funky hours so be sure and call before you head over.  2014-11-04_0008 Rescued Relics is part of Old Alabama Town. They go in and pull apart pieces of old abandoned homes and historical homes. There were ton’s of fun little surprises around every corner.  2014-11-04_0006 Meet Roger. He’s one of the many fellas that volunteers his time to run RR on a day to day basics. He’s full of stories.  2014-11-05_0001 Doors, doors, and more doors. Too bad we weren’t in the market for one, there were some stunners there.  2014-11-04_0001 There’s even giant garden scissors of all sorts. 2014-11-04_0007 and antique pie safes with floral print “drapery”.  2014-11-04_0005 Oh and we can’t forget the hundreds of random keys…. 2014-11-05_0006 We came, We conquered. SO EXCITED we left with exactly what we were looking for. Roger even gave us a steal of a deal on that pretty mantle (I think Laura had something to do with that. ;)).  2014-11-04_0009 Next, paint colors. Brian and I were chatting about 10:00pm last night on the phone trying to narrow down our selections. The painter is coming on Friday. I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product.







This past weekend was  go, go go. But a good go. An AMAZING go, actually.

I hate I had to miss The Chapel Market, but I was super  EXCITED to take a much needed, quick getaway with my team (well, part of them). We missed Sharon, Brittany and Andrea. Do you know how hard it is to get 6 people together at the same time?

Brian, Laura, Cody and I headed out bright and early Saturday Morning. We call this selfie “linesonlinesonlines”.  YES! I am stuffing my face with Jelly Beans. Oh and In case your wondering who that fella in the bottom left hand corner is… that’s Laura Jeans husband. He is probably one of the most selfless people I have ever met. #youdidgoodlaura IMG_1173 There were only 3 rules for our Six Flags Trip. 1.) No Cussing 2.) If you see Bugs Bunny, STOP. We have to take a photo 3.) No complaining about the lines…. It’s an amusement park.

Every thing was broken, literally. We rode 4 things the entire day. By 4:00 we were tired of hearing “This ride is closed due to technical difficulties”.  2014-10-27_0013 Ohhhh! I almost forgot to mention… Laura isn’t a big fan of coasters. She might have cried after we got off of that wooden one. It was a little rough, not even gonna lie.

After a horrifying wooden coaster experience we had to make a pit stop for a few snacks. I chose a funnel cake. Always. You can’t go wrong. Is it possible to mess up a funnel cake? Laura and Brian opted for soft pretzels and of course Laura bought the last pretzel so we literally waited for 15 minutes so Brian could satisfy his craving. This is his “Where’s My D*** Pretzel” face. Doesn’t he like like a grown little kid waiting patiently for a pretzel and cheese sauce?!  IMG_1112 Speaking of Brian…. I knew in the back of my mind it was “Fright Fest”, but I had no idea it started so early in the day. I could’ve done without the fog machines at two o’clock in the afternoon. Brian’s fear of zombies and scary things might be a little more extreme than LJ’s coaster fear. It’s not funny, but it is. You should have seen him when that old crazy lady zombie shook her coke can at him. #hysterical

Our day of long lines, people watching and cigarette smoke finally came to an end. We stopped for a group photo, hot nuts and juicy fruit before heading back to Montgomery. Most awkaward pose award, 1st Place goes to Brian. IMG_1103 On our way out of ATL we made a quick detour at Ikea (my sister better be grateful). I might have picked up my few things for the office too. Since I wasn’t up for swedish meatballs for dinner, we stopped elsewhere. Laura being the only gal this trip we let her pick dinner… She wanted soup but ordered roast. Service was yucky, my food was cold but hopefully Donald left with a smile on his face.  That Laura Jean knows how to make someone feel like they’re worth a million bucks.  IMG_1183

The car ride home might have my favorite part of the day, well aside from the 34 different Football games that we were listening to at the same time. How to you guys do it? I HATE FOOTBALL. Snuggly Blankets, fluffy pillows,  stinky feet, Target Lady and YouTube Videos. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore. I know you’ve heard it a thousand times but I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for my team. In the early stages of my business I came to the realization that I couldn’t do everything on my own. It took a while, but I finally found that team of people that EVERY business owner dreams of. A trip Six Flags could never express the amount of gratitude I have for you guys, but just incase you needed to hear it again, know that I am not only blessed to work with you, but I’m even more blessed to call you friends.