Zac the Intern– [Guatemala City, Guatemala Film Photographer]

Where do I possibly begin?  Zachary Griner is a good ole’ southern boy from Ocilla Georgia. I met “Hey Arnold”, I mean Zach this year in Guatemala. He was serving as the official “Intern” to the Dave and Debbie Amsler, the Missionaries we worked with while there.  It has been said many times by several people in our group that, “We felt like Zach should have come back with us.” That’s the truth. Zach is one of the most down to earth people you will meet. He’s hilarious, a huge sports fan, LOVES Zaxby’s, and  most importantly– He loves the Lord! Hey Zach, remember that time you knocked over a whole self of stuff  trying to show me some hair gel?  He fit in so well with our group it’s kinda creepy. I think several of the girls even had a tiny crush on him too– I won’t name names. I’ll be nice. 😉

The night before we left to head back to the states, I realized I have about 6 shots left on the roll of film in my camera– I asked Zach to meet me down stairs the next morning so I could finish it off. I was pretty pleased with the results. I think he was to! (or at least I hope he was.) haha Below are several of the shots I took that morning.

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite quote from Zach on the trip: “I have a question– Can I Hold your glasses?” –Zachary Griner

Zac_Blog_#1 Zac_Blog_#2

Snow Skiing [Flat Top, WV]

It’s 2011. I hope that everyone had Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year. What better way to kick off the New Year than by heading to Flat Top, WV to go snow skiing. I have never been– and let me just tell you, it was certainly an experience. I don’t think I knew exactly what I was in store for. I wanted to give up the first 15 minutes I was out there but I pushed through it and survived.

We left last Sunday afternoon and drove straight through, 10 hours. Our Van ride up was certainly entertaining. I had not clue Justin Ingram could do the robot or that Brittni Shultz could sing some KILLER nursey rhymes. Andrew Banach is also pretty talented at doing a hand stand in the van while moving. Marcus slept most most of the way there, Aaron and Jonathon kept to themselves mostly, but laughed hysterically every few minutes. Oh, and I found out I suck at Tic Tac Toe.

We finally arrived at in our destination city but had to make one quick stop before heading to our condo for the week– WAL-MART. Brittni was our very own personal chef last week. (I had no idea she was such an awesome cook) But in order for her to cook we need a couple things, well actually alot of things. I can honestly say it was the quickest grocery run I have ever been on. We were in and out in 45 minutes. Brittni stationed herself in one centeral location on the grocery side and sent each of us out to grab what she needed– after picking each item up, when then reported back to Brittni to grab the next. My Items: Parsley Flakes, Butter, Coleslaw.

After arriving to our condo about 1:30am we quickly unloaded the van, put all the groceries away, finalized sleeping arrangments and headed to bed. (we had to be up and ready to go at 8:00am) My roomies and I were up at 7:30. I took a hot shower, put my long johns on, 3 longsleeve shirts, my ski bib, and a warm jacket– I was ready to go, ready to start my ski journey. Like I mentioned above it was certinaly an experience. It’s fun once you get the hang of it. But the first inital hour– not too good. Trust me. Lindsey, Marcus and I know first hand. I eventually got the hang of it and it was history from there. I had a very patient coach/ teacher Jasen Ryll and even more patient fellow skier & snowboarder– Andrew and Lindsey.

Our 2011 Ski Trip was truly a blast. I had a ton of fun–I love being able to take a trip with friends and come back better friends than before we left. It was certainly a memorable trip. I made it back alive. That’s all I was hoping for. Thank You to everyone who managed to put up with me for the week, and a very special thanks to Jasen Ryll for putting our trip together. Below are a few photos from our trip. I didn’t take many pictures, so I combined some photos that I took and Jasen took. Enjoy!

I failed to mention above– but Lindsey and I accomplished a very difficult course, a black diamond. As beginner skiers everyone should clap for us.

ski trip_2 ski trip_3 ski trip_4 ski trip_8 ski trip_5 ski trip_6 ski trip_7

Family Night Out Carnival

Each year my church, First Assembly of God, holds an annual fundraiser: FAMILY NIGHT OUT! This year it is a Carnival theme and I am so excited. I work very close with a team of people to put this event together. Its going to be AWESOME this year. Rock Wall, Pony Rides, Twin Spin, Cotton Candy…Door Prizes from Kim Box Photography, Cooper Cupcakes, to FREE Beach Trips!! You don’t want to miss this event. Have questions? Contact the church or you can email me through the contact section of my blog.

Picture 2

Photo Booth Fun

I miss D– Back in August we had a going away party for her when she decided to move to Auburn and be a big girl and finish school there. Of course she couldn’t leave without us throwing a goodbye party for her. Complete with Cooper Cupcakes, PB&J, Jones Sodas, and a Photo Booth–I finishing up all the super photo booth pictures for her party!! Keep checking back. 😉 Untitled-2