Claudia’s Cloth Barn

There is never a dull moment at Kim Box Photography. We are always working on something. This time, we chose to get a little crafty. We have an area at the studio that we have devoted to our workspace, this is were we package products, and mail things. It is also a home to our mailers, tissue paper, ribbon, scissors, etc. Erika and I decided we were tired of seeing the “junk.” So we took matters into our own hands. This called for a trip to the Fabric store. Not telling Kim Box what we had in mind, we got in the car and headed to Claudia’s. While there we ran into one of our fave Event Planners: Jackie Gaut of Dana’s Floral Design and Weddings. I know your wondering what we got ourselves into while gone on our trip away from the office…..


  1. Claudia’s needs some pig ears for a little more excitement, huh?

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