Day 6: Favorite Things

Today is the next to last day for Favorite Things. I DON’T WANT IT TO STOP!! Thanks so much to everyone who has subscribe and  left sweet comments. It’s been a blast reading all of them. You guys are the best!!!

Don’t forget there is still a little time left enter to win. The details and “rules” are at the bottom of each post!  Day 1 | Day 2 |Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 


Today’s FAVORITE THING is a pair of Tom’s. I LOVE my Tom’s. They’re so comfy– I wear them at least a couple of times a week. I was first introduced to Tom’s several years back just like the rest of the world. Blake’s mission and story behind developing Tom’s is what truly made me want a pair, not particularly the product. If you aren’t familiar with the Tom’s brand their mission is simple, One for One. For every pair of shoes bought, they send a pair to a child in another country. The few  years they have been in business, they have sent shoes to more than 60 different countries. Tom’s doesn’t only shoes, they recently launched a eyewear line and when you buy TOMS Eyewear, you’re helping restore sight. They have provided dozens and dozens of glasses to individuals in over 16 countries.

I hope that gives you a better reasoning as to why I chose Tom’s as one of my 2013 Favorite Things. If you want to find out more about their company, visit their website. Also check out Blake’s book, “Start Something That Matters”. It’s a great read!


I had someone ask and I wanted to clear the air, I will not be giving away a pair of my personal Tom’s. If you win, you will receive your very own pair in your size. 😉

To Enter #evansfavoritethings it’s simple, all you have to do is Subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side of the blog homepage under the social icons) AND leave a comment on this post. You might win extra points if you post on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtags #evangcooper #evansfavoritethings. ;)

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  1. Good comfy shoes, good cause

  2. Me!! Me!! Me!! I want!!

  3. Ha! Thanks for offering a new pair!

  4. Susan Pipich says

    Toms!! The best treat for your feet! I’d love to win this favorite of yours! Thanks for sharing this offer with your readers… I am looking forward to reading more. Cheers!

  5. I think it’s awesome how Toms even has weddin shoes too! They make it easy to help others with shoes for any occasion!

  6. Lisa Stanton says

    Many of my friends have a pair….and I still don’t, not sure why — maybe I’ve been waiting to win some!

  7. My sister has several pairs of Toms. They are cute and I love that the sale of each pair helps another person in need!
    Thanks for the giveaway/favorite thing, Evan. I am now a subscriber brought over to your site from The Lettered Cottage.

  8. Oh I just found you, you look like such a fun guy, I love all these recommendations and that mantel is terrific. And Tom’s is one great company in how they give back!!

  9. Sharon Herbitter says

    I’ve looked at Toms for years and have never pulled the trigger — I have no idea why. Maybe the time has come for me to actually own a pair!

  10. Jenny Walker says

    I’ve ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted a pair of Toms!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  11. Amanda Claybrook says

    I adore TOMs. I love the pair I wore for my wedding

  12. Loved the camper cookie jar you and Layla put together!! I followed the link on her blog to YOU. Love the vibe!!!

  13. I need these.

  14. Melanie Hubbard says

    Evan this is awesome what you are doing! You will not only be giving away 1 pair but 2 pair, since Tom’s gives away a pair for each pair bought! I live this company and what it stands for and it’s great to see you doing the same thing!! I love Tom’s and would love another pair!! Thanks for being you!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  15. I love Toms! I’ve already worn out one pair 😉

  16. Hey Evan- this is timely. I am due for another pair. Great little giveaway. Happy Holidays!

  17. Lisa Lauer says

    Great list! TOMS are the best! Merry Christmas!

  18. I have been admiring TOMS for a long time, but have never bought a pair, love!!

  19. Vicki Lehr says

    Would love a pair!!!

  20. Enjoying your blog! Would love some Toms!

  21. Vickie White says

    I am a new subscriber to your blog and I adore Tom’s!!!!

  22. Definitely going to check out Tom’s glasses. Love supporting people who do good. Would love to win a pair of Tom’s shoes. Learned about your blog from the Lettered Cottqge. Am definitely going to try making a Christmas jar. will use Museum Wax to keep the lid on and to attach it to the coffee table so the cats can’t knock it over.

  23. I subscribed. I love my one pair of Toms and I love his mission too. Makes you wonder how many other vendors could do the same if they tried….thanks for offering the giveaway!

  24. tina brooks powell says

    yes TOMS!!!! I would love to win a pair. It’s great that Toms give a free pair for every pair bought. Evan you are awesome!!!!

  25. I would be just as elated as the recipient Toms gives the shoes to! Thank you for choosing a “favorite thing” that pays it forward.

  26. Both of my girls and I absolutely love to wear TOMS. Can’t wait for a new pair!

  27. Amy Kinser says

    Just found your blog. So nice to meet you.

    Hope you have a blessed Christmas!

    Blessings from TN, Amy

  28. I’ve so enjoyed “Evan’s Favorite Things”… sooooo fun! Would love a new pair of Toms. Such a great company!

  29. Yes, please!

  30. Vicki Brawley says

    I have subscribed to your blog after discovering it yesterday. Looking forward to following you!

  31. Just found your lovely blog from the lettered cottage. AND I too, love TOMS.

  32. Oh, I LOVE my Toms and own a pair exactly like yours and six more pair. Just subscribed to your blog and look forward to more posts.

  33. Jessica Morris says

    Tom’s are the perfect accessory! Of course you love them, Evan! And a good cause! Double win!

  34. Kim Judice says

    Great Favs, Evan!
    I love the whole list. So happy I stumbled upon your blog while at TLC with Layla. I hope I win. Love Toms and feel good wearing them knowing that someone in need has a pair, too!

  35. Love my Toms!

  36. Laney would love a new pair of Toms!! Have a very merry Christmas!!

  37. Duh, I need new TOMS!

  38. Michelle says

    Love, love,love!!!

  39. Lari Franklin says

    I have been wanting a pair of Toms for forever! Every time I go to a store to buy a pair they are out of my size in the chocolate ones I want! Maybe if I win I can order a pair!

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