DIY Halloween Costumes

When my publicist booked our Halloween segment on WSFA’s “Alabama Live” I had a minor freakout moment. He said, “it might be fun to do halloween costumes or something”. “Excuse Me”, I thought to myself. “Halloween costumes?” Then he said, “What about costumes for kids”? All I could visualize in my head was children running around a TV studio breaking things, climbing on cameras, tripping over cables and not cooperating. Well, it wasn’t quite like that, but close….

We started the segment with some Quick Tips for throwing the perfect Halloween party. If you’re the “Room Mom”these ideas are perfect  for you kiddos class at school. If you missed the tutorial on those cute monster doughnuts, you can read it here 2016-10-25_0023 We quickly transitioned from party ideas to costume ideas. Sometimes you can get so caught up in making sure the party is perfect (because you want to show up all the other moms) that you forget you have a kid that needs a costume too.

A few last minute touch ups and a quick pep talk, our cosalmost ready to go live! 2016-10-25_0018 2016-10-25_0017 I mean, look at them have you ever seen anything cuter? I die over that Chocolate Chip Cookie and Milk Man. It’s the PERFECT sibling costume pair.  2016-10-25_0015 2016-10-25_0016 If you’re thinking about making the Strawberry Costume for you little one its super simple. You’ll need a few things:

Red Dress | White Felt | Strawberry Hat Template | Green Poster Board or Cardstock |Small Cup or Small Round Box (I used one a small Pringles can) | Ribbon or Stretchy Head Band | Hot Glue Gun | Velco Dots | Scissors

1. Cut out a couple of size leaf shapes from your poster board.  | 2. Run your fingers over the leaves multiple times to give them a curved look. | 3. If using ribbon instead of stretchy headband,  poke a hole on each side of your can. Cut two pieces of ribbon, long enough to tie around your head and string one through each hole, tying a knot to secure.| 4. Starting at the front of your can, overlap the leaf pieces around pringle can and secure with hot glue.  | 5. Glue a second leaf right next to it, and continue gluing leaves on (one by one), working your way around the can until it’s covered. |6. Cut a tall stem shape out of your poster board/cardstock. | 7. Fold over about 1.5″ to form a tab at the bottom and glue to the top of your cup. If your stem needs support, cut a small strip of poster board and glue it to the stem and to the cup, letting it curve in the middle to stabilize the stem |. 8. For the dress, cut out a bunch of tear drop shapes from white felt. If you are looking for a non-permanet attachment, Attach to dress with velco dots.

2016-10-25_0019 and if you’re looking to make that adorable Orange Soda costume you’ll need:

Orange Dress | Letter Template’s  | 8″ Aluminum Pie Tin | Silver/ Gray Cardstock | Hot Glue Gun | Headband | White Felt | Temporary Hem Tape 

1. Cut two 2-inch wide strips of silver cardstock. Accordion fold each strip in about 1/2″ sections. | 2. Hot glue the ends of both strips together, forming one circle shape. | 3. Hot glue the folded cardstock around the edge of the pie tin. | 4. Hot glue a stretchy headband to the bottom of the pie tin. | 5. Cut out the soda label letters of your choice. Then, cut a “stripe” of felt, a few inches shorter than the length of your label. | 6. If the adhesive felt you bought has a strong enough adhesive, you can just adhere it as-is to your dress If not, I recommend applying hem tape to the back for extra security and/or tacking each letter on with a needle and thread. 2016-10-25_0014 Of course, WSFA’s Amanda Curran couldn’t pass up a photo op with the cutest orange soda bottle in town.  2016-10-25_0020 HUGE THANK YOU to producer Shelia and the WSFA team for always welcoming me with open arms and not giving me the eye when I roll in with all my extra baggage, balloons and confetti.

Oh, while headed to the airport after our segment, I heard my voice as I turned the corner and looked up and saw those little cuties on the screen. 2016-10-25_0021

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