This past weekend I went to my First SEC College Football game. I know, I’m thinking the exact same thing you are… I can’t believe I went. But I did and let me just say it was certainly an experience.  2015-10-26_0001 I’ve never to an SEC Football game before so when some friends of mine offered me tickets, I couldn’t pass them up. I called my Best Bud Andrew and we planned a weekend it T-Town. Can we pause for a moment of silence? Look at those beards.  2015-10-26_0002  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I somewhat understand what all the hype is about. I could literally feel the energy as I walked into the stadium. I got goose pimples, but don’t get to excited America… That’s the extent of my football career.  2015-10-26_0003 Being that it was my first time at an Alabama Game. There were 5 things that I learned while I was there. If you’ve ever been to a game with 100,000 folks you know they’re true. If you are easily offend you probably shouldn’t watch. Happy Tuesday, Y’all!

HUGE Shout Out to my Boy Garrison for turning this video out in 8 hours and re-shooting it at 1:00am this morning.


  1. Lauren Brown Pitts says

    You were spot on with some of the things that you learned. I loved this. And you do look good in crimson and white…. just saying,


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