Evan’s Favorite Thing: Day 3

Most of you guys have caught on by now, right? It FAVORITE THINGS. I’m spreading the Christmas cheer buy giving away 7 of My ALL TIME FAVORITE THINGS. There’s still time to enter to win from our posts on Monday and Tuesday. All the details are at the bottom of each post. I will be randomly selecting 7 individuals Sunday evening and posting the winners in a complete Favorite Things Run Down post on Monday!

Day 1 | Day 2 

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Day 3 giveaway is certainly something you will catch me jamming out to in the car driving down the freeway. Katy Perry’s NEW album Prism. Her single Roar reached almost 450,000 downloads in the first week of it’s release. It’s one of those feel good songs, makes me feel like I can conquer world. When I was in LA last November we drove past her house, they had to keep me contained. I wanted to hop the gate and and sing Fireworks with her on her front lawn. Double Rainbow, It Takes Two, Unconditionally and By the Grace of God are my go to songs on the album. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed. When She releases her US tour dates I can assure you that Me, Morgan, Lindsey and Hannah will be sitting beside the computer. 😉


To Enter #evansfavoritethings it’s simple, all you have to do is Subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side of the blog homepage under the social icons) AND leave a comment on this post. You might win extra points if you post on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtags #evangcooper #evansfavoritethings. ;)

I can’t even tell you how many compliments I have gotten on these fun “red sweater” pics. HUGE Thanks to my friend Aubrie Moates for shooting all of the. She’s the BEST!


  1. If I win this it will be the first time she has appeared in my iTunes!

  2. Lisa Lauer says

    My 11 year old daughter loves her to pieces! Some of the best moments are hearing her little voice singing to its max from her bedroom! She’d kill me for saying so!

  3. Allison C. says

    AHHHHH!!! Roar is my theme song!!!! I have bought every Katy album the day it has released!! Except this one, it’s been a busy life with graduation and moving! But I know I was one of those 450,000 for Roar!!

  4. Katy Perry World Tour 2014!!!!! We’re going to rock that concert!

  5. tina brooks powell says

    I love katy perry! The red sweater looks great on you! Your work is beautiful! Tell your dad that Tina said hi & i hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

  6. Tenly Stewart says

    My niece sang

    My niece sang “Roar” for her talent show at school this year. She dressed in a robe with boxing gloves. She was amazing. I was so proud of her!

  7. Love her!

  8. Kristen S says

    Would love to have this!

  9. Love me some Katy Perry

  10. Vicki Lehr says

    Love 🙂

  11. my 7 year old goes on youtube to listen to Roar.
    over. and. over. and. over. and . . .

  12. Becky H. says

    You are too cute and so is Katy Perry. Thank you for all the giveaways this week.

    ~Becky @ CA.

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