Evan’s Favorite Things– Day 2

HOLY MOLY! You guys don’t play! You came to win! So fun watching all the comments and IG posts roll in yesterday.

If you’re just now tuning in, It’s FAVORITE THINGS. Over the next 5 days I’ll be posting my  8 of my Favorite Things that I couldn’t live without in 2015. If you missed yesterday’s Favorite Thing’s post there’s still time to enter. Click Here. 2015-12-14_0004


If you were like the rest of America you were probably watching the Adele special on NBC last night. If you weren’t you can leave now. I watched it twice, it was that good. Today’s giveaway is one of the BEST things that happened in 2015. If you see me driving down the freeway, you’ll more than likely  catch me jamming out to Adele’s newest album “25”. It has been at the top of the charts for weeks and her single “Hello” broke every record possible in the music industry. It had the biggest Sales Week for a single since Elton John’s Princess Diana Tribute in 1997 and it was the first song ever to sell 1 million downloads in a week. I’m in love with every song on this album. I’ve sang my little heart out an even cried too. You won’t be disappointed. She just released tour dates for her North American tour next year. Who wants to go with me?  View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/egcchristmas To Enter Evan’s Favorite Things is simple. Subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side of the blog homepage under the “Video” section), make sure you click the confirmation email or it doesn’t count. Once you’ve done that pop back on over here and leave a comment in the post. You might even win extra points if you post on Instagram and Facebook and use the hashtags #evangcooper #evansfavoritethings.

Photos: Nick Drollette


  1. http://Kelsi says

    Yes! This is wonderful!

  2. http://Kim says

    While I was really hoping for tickets to one of her upcoming 2016 tour dates, I’ll gladly take a CD.

  3. http://Melanie%20Hubbard says

    Adele anything is awesome!

  4. http://Krispin says

    Adele is AWESOME!!!! I ♥ HER!!!

  5. http://Amanda%20Young says

    Love her! And that special should be on repeat.

  6. http://Jonny says

    We have to go to one of the concert!

  7. http://Melanie%20Smith says

    Just love anything Adele, especially her new songs!

  8. http://Rachael%20Fairchild says

    YES! Less than 9 hours until tickets go live and my bank account goes down!

  9. http://Emily%20Marsh says

    Love Adele!

  10. http://Brittney%20Bussey says

    Hello.. Pick me 🙂

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