Evan’s Favorite Things: Day 7

It’s the last day of FAVORITE THINGS and I must say I’m sad to see it come to an end. It has been a blast sharing these with you all. Thank You so much to everyone who has commented and subscribed this past week! The world of social media blows my mind! If you have’t subscribe already, make sure you do so, you’ll be the first to receive an email with a complete list of all the winners. You’re name just might be one of the lucky ones.

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Today’s Favorite Thing is probably my MOST FAVORITE Thing of all time– a Gap gift card. $75.00 for you to spend anyway you choose.  If you know me, you know I’m a brand whore, Or at least that’s what my friends tell me. My umbrella is even Gap. I have been shopping at Gap for years. My parents even dressed me in Baby gap when I was a wee one.  Most recently I was offered a position at Gap for Visuals and Styling… I honestly didn’t need another job, Evan and Company keeps me more than busy but I just couldn’t pass up that discount. 😉  The promo pics I shot for Favorite Things, My entire outfit came from Gap even my socks and underwear. Ok, you didn’t need to know that, but It’s true. I’m telling you I’m Obsessed. Their Slim fit jeans are the best! I have 4 pairs. See, I LOVE The Gap and want to share it with you this Christmas.


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Again, I would like to send a HUGE thank my friend Aubrie Lemon for shooting all the product shots and promo shots for me. We had a blast shooting that afternoon. Christmas music and chocolate covered oreos are a must at our photo shoots from now on, even if its 100 degrees outside. 😉



  1. Hi-found you while I was reading The Lettered Cottage-I look forward to a new “relationship” ha
    Merry Christmas

  2. Susan Pipich says

    Who doesnt love The Gap? A gift card would be much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed! Thanks for these giveaway opportunities and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  3. I’m i definitely want this one!!

  4. Sharon Herbitter says

    I’m SO down for a Gap card!!! You crack me up, btw.

  5. Lindsay L. says

    I just finished making my own cookie jar snow globe, thank you for the idea via The Lettered Cottage!

  6. Wow! You did save a wonderful gift for last! I have enjoyed all of your favorite things…but this one, WOW! Thanks for the opportunity. I love your blog! 🙂

  7. Ooooo, I love Gap! Merry Christmas, Evan!

  8. Kim Judice says

    Love me some Gap! Thanks, Evan.

  9. Oh, I love the Gap, too. My jeans and many of my shirts are Gap. Already a subscriber. Great giveaway!

  10. GAP = quality! Love it! You’re something Evan G Cooper! Lotsa friends will be very happy with your favorite things. How fun! Merry Christmas and many many blessings in the new year!

  11. Oh, I love The Gap too! I can’t wear any other khaki’s besides theirs. The khaki’s are kind of my own personal work uniform. Everything goes with Gap khaki’s! Merry Christmas!

  12. Michelle says

    I sooooo need an updated wardrobe!!

  13. Lisa Stanton says

    WooHoo! a gift card is always the right size and color!

  14. I’ve been shopping at GAP longer than you have been alive…LOL!

  15. donna zoltanski says

    Love Gap — buy for wee ones too! I too just found you via The Lettered Cottage – I am so happy! Gap cards welcome here too. Merry Christmas!

  16. Lari Franklin says

    I too LOVE Gap…we don’t have one in or near my town (Pace, FL)…how sad is that?!?! I always shop at the Gap at EastChase when I am in town though! Gap is a staple of my wardrobe!

  17. Well, we spend a lot of our dollars at The Gap and we are always up for more shopping.
    Especially something pink for the new little one!

  18. Vickie White says

    I need some new jeans!!! 🙂

  19. tina brooks powell says

    Wow!!!! The best of all!!! i love me some GAP. i have enjoyed following you. Merry Christma!!! I hope the New Year is good to you and your family!!!! Tina

  20. Vicki Brawley says

    The Gap just can not be beat for quality and stylish clothing. I love the Gap! Merry Christmas!

  21. I heart Gap. Love all of your favorite things!

  22. Congratulation Evan, you made it through the entire week of Favorite Things in a colorful way! Job well done. I feel like a proud reader!

  23. i would also like this! 🙂

  24. oooh. love me some gap!

  25. Gap jeans are one of my “favorite things” too! Thank you for sharing your favorites. Merry Christmas!

  26. Merry Christmas, Evan! You should take me to Gap! 😉

  27. Jessica Morris says

    This has been a fun series Evan! Thanks! The merriest of Holidays to you!

  28. Vicki Lehr says

    Love Gap, you and I want a cupcake too 😉

  29. Love Gap and love you too, Evan.
    Your week of favs has been cheery and bright!

  30. Amy Pennington says

    Took a stroll through your archives, I must say that you are fabulous! Love your favorite things and I can’t wait to read more from you

  31. Amanda Claybrook says

    Gap is my fave place for work clothes with J. Crew being a close second.

  32. It would be wonderful to win a Gap card, thanks for the offer.
    I finally had time to read your “about you” and I agree, the very most important thing to me is my relationship with Jesus. It is the whole reason, not just for Christmas, but for everything we do.
    I just made a batch of homemade marshmallows…Ooops. I let the syrup get a tiny past soft ball stage and they were a bear to get out of the mixer bowl! Lesson learned. The family will be happy though!

  33. Love the gap. They are my go -to too!

  34. Becky H. says

    You are so talented. No wonder you and Layla are BFF. Thank you for the giveaway. This would make a nice gift to “pay it forward”. Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!

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