Field Trip

Everyone has had one of those days, ya know, the ones where you just had to get out of the office and stretch, take a walk, or even a Field Trip. Thats exactly what Josh Moates and I did. We took a trip to a little local grocery store around the corner from the studio. I have been working at Kim Box Photography now for several months, and have yet to visit AG Grocers. As most of you know, I can go now where without my FlipCamera and what better day to take it along. ENJOY!


  1. Adorable! I think I should have been Erika as Grumpy Smurf in that one. I was rude (and busy!).

  2. This was awesome!!! We are going to make a video tomorrow! You need to post the car wash video I made!

  3. i loved when you almost threw up…hahahh

  4. Michaela says

    “It’s super small and it smells like a grocery store.” Awesome.

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