FSM Youth Leaders Christmas Party

As most of you know– I am a late blogger. I always post things days, weeks, and even months after they happen. I was recently cleaning out some folders on my computer and came across these photos, and realized that no one has ever seen them. BECAUSE? I never posted them! Back in December we had our Youth Leaders Christmas Party for FSM and I decided we needed to do something a little different. What better way to add a little excitement than… The Giggle Box! We had a blast! I think my favorite pictures from the night, are those of Artist Thomas. YES! He has pink pig tails. HILARIOUS!! If anyone is interested in purchasing some pictures from the Photo Booth send me an email.



  1. these make me laugh… :))

  2. Hahaha. Love these.

  3. HAHA. Love these they made me laugh and brought back oh so many wonderful memories. So priviledged to serve the Lord with such an amazing group of people. We love everyone of you!

  4. carley ferris says

    OMG – artis and dot are my favorites, hands down – lol
    andrew it pretty funny too – getting his clap on! LOL

  5. Kristeena Whaley says

    I love keeping up with you kids. What fun to serve the Lord and have such fun together. Sara Whaley Kunau is my daughter & Jason my son. Am so proud of them & happy your wonderful church has embraced them.

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