Guatemala [35mm Film]

You may remember a post several months back with my  iPhone pictures from Guatemala… As most of you now, I spent a couple of weeks in there last summer. It was truly a life-changing trip. I have never been to a country that was so hungry for a move of God like Guatemala was. I met so many wonderful people there, made TONS and TONS of memories.

In the rush of life and everyday tasks, I totally forgot to post actual photos from my trip. I work with some of the most incredibly talented photographers in town, and when my boss Josh told me that I should order a film camera and take with me to Guatemala I knew I had too. The images below are ALL Film shots. YES!! Film. Ya, know the 35mm stuff. There is just something about film. The colors, the emotion, and the look of it. I LOVE it. Thanks to Josh’s lab Indie Film Lab for the fantastic scans.

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Below is a video that I put together of several of the images I shot while in Guatemala.
Song: They will See God by Benji Cowart


  1. Amy Argo says

    Evan, you are seriously my favorite photographer. These are brilliant. The colors, the faces, the emotions they provoke, the shot choices. Simply brilliant.
    And bravo to Indie Film Lab.

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