Happy Birthday, Kim!

As many of you know, several weeks back was the infamous Kim Box‘s Birthday. Of course we couldn’t NOT celebrate. So I arrived at the studio very early on the morning of her big day. It’s always kind of been another life/ dream of mine to be an event planner. I love every detail of a wedding, a party, anything. I love it. So I decided what better way to use my skills than on Kim herself. So the night before, I left church and drug my sister, Morgan, and my best friend Jonny to Target and Walmart, knowing I need balloons, streamers, and all the Birthday Party essentials. I swear I spent 2o minutes on the party aisle trying to decide on what to get.  Those of you who do not know Kim, she is very picky. Which was all the more reason  to go over the top and use tons of wild colors. 🙂 So I did just that. I quickly grabbed multi-color streamers and balloons, party blowers, lime green table cloths, and even pin the tail on the donkey.

After getting everything set up and in place, I thought to myself, we are missing something. Then all of a sudden a lightbulb went off, a Photo Booth. Thats what we need. I quickly found all my left over streamers and balloons, remembered that we had some big glasses, smitten sticks,and  some other silly props. So in the biggest hurry (trying to finish before Kim walks in) I got the staple gun and went to stapling. I say all of this to say, Kim’s day was so much fun. Cotton Candy, doughnuts, orange juice, a delicious lunch, and of course friends. I couldn’t let you miss out on all the fun. So I did it. Yup. I posted all of our silly, crazy, and over the top Photo Booth pictures. Enjoy. If you are interested in having the Photo Booth at your wedding, party, or next big event…please contact the studio for more information. 334.491.0409

Kim_Day_PB6 Kim_Day_PB5 IMG_2044 IMG_2028 Untitled-1 Untitled-3 Untitled-2 IMG_2012 IMG_2011 kim_day_PB3 IMG_2010 Kim_Day_PB1


  1. these are adorable and so much FUN!!! One day, Im gonna meet this crew!! 🙂

  2. Soooooo fun!! You seriously should consider a career as a party planner… The attention to detail is impeccable!! Wish I could have been there to celebrate! 🙂


  4. Picky? What? Seriously, thank you again for such a fun sweet birthday!

  5. will you throw me a party like this evangcooper.com?

  6. love this post! the pics are awesome, looks like you guys just have so much fun at “work” 😉

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