Happy Birthday Mom!!

YES!!! It’s come and gone. On January 28th my precious mother celebrated another year of life.

I love her to death and when my sister and I had to put our heads together to figure out what to get her, we came up blank. But after a little work, we finally found it– she had been saying she wanted a Coach bag. I of course was all for it. I found one got Morgans approval and pushed buy. It’s pretty. and Mom LOVES it.


My Mother is beautuful inside and out. She has done so much for my sister and I– Shes raised us, cared for us, cried with us, and shes laughed with us– we’ve been through it all. Knowing this we couldn’t just get her a purse. We had to do something for her. Something she would never expect. If you know me well, you know I am all for huge parties and events. The Bigger the Better. But Morgan and Mrs. Valerie had to bring down a couple of notches– they nixed my idea pretty fast. Second optinon: A SURPRISE PARTY. Have you ever planned one? I think this was my first and boy let me tell you it was hectic. I was worried someone would say something, she would find out…ya know all those suprise party fears. We managed to pull it off– balloons, Cooper Cupcakes and all. It was a success.

Ohhhh I forgot to mention, the restaurant didn’t write our reservation. YES!! It’s true. I was FREAKING OUT.

Despite the mess up,  it was a wonderful night. I know my Mother was genuinely surprised. Each and every guest that was there means something special to not only my Mom, but to our family. THANK YOU so much for taking time out of your Saturday night to honor such a wonderful women. We Love You Mom!

*please pardon the low quality of these photos. I need to talk to that restaurant about some better lighting. haha

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  1. Looks like a blast! My moms birthday is well…right now! hmmm maybe I should do something!

  2. Amy Argo says

    what a great night celebrating a great lady! you pulled it off beautifully 😉

  3. this just made me cry. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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