-Happy Mothers Day-

It’s ok. You can Kill Me Now. I know this post it late. But like they say, “better late than never.” Right? A couple weeks ago we had the honor of celebrating Mothers Day. Just like many of you, I am pretty sure you did something that Mom wanted to do. After all, it was her special day. So, My Mom being the park lover she is…we went to the park. While taking our walk we couldn’t help but to stop and a soak in the yellow weed/ flower goodness. Below are several photos from out Mothers Day Walk in the Park. Again. Happy Mothers Day. My Mom out does any of yours. I love you Mom! 😉

Picture 14 Picture 16
Picture 13 Picture 10 Picture 4 Picture 12 Picture 15


  1. these are great… thanks for taking them:)

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