Madison [Montgomery Childrens Photographer]

After months of planning, phone calles, texts, and trying to get together, we finally pulled it off.

This little beautys grandmother and I attend the same church. Mrs. Gale approached me months back about photographing her granddaughter. (In all honesty I had been dying to photographer her. She has the most gorgeous hair.) We had tried and tried to make several different dates work, but something always came up or interfeared. This time we finally made it happend– We met one Saturday morning at the Waters and had a blast. Madison was so precious and up for anything, like a true super model. Below are just a couple of shots from our shoot back in November. (I know I’m late in blogging these. You’ll have to forgive me.) Enjoy! Harris_Gale Blog 1 Harris_Gale Blog 2


  1. Madison is a “Little Doll” and you certainly captured that!!

  2. awww, she does have some gorgeous hair! these are all beautiful images!!

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