Photo Booth: Evan and Andrew

We got a call at the studio a couple weeks back from a local business that wanted to book the GiggleBox for their office Christmas Party. I checked my calender and jumped at the offer. I asked my friend Andrew if he wanted to tag along and make a little extra cash for the holidays, and he accepted! We packed up my car and headed to Shady Street. The party was held at the Marina Bar and Grill— a super awesome “mom and pop” type restaurant. (I hear they have a pretty good seafood menu selection.) and a Really Awesome Jazz Band.

Andrew and I couldn’t resist joining in on the Photo Booth action. We had just as much fun as all of the guest did. We probably took a little to many photos. We had to pass the time some how. 😉

Below are some pictures of the fun WE had Saturday evening– also the ever  popular “Photo Booth Video.” ENJOY!

oh and don’t forget to comment at the bottom of the post– I wanna know you came for a visit. 😉

collage_1 collage_2 collage_3 collage_4 collage_6 collage_5


  1. I just laughed soooo hard at this… it was toooooo much fun!

  2. Haha. That was cute.

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