Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much?

The most common question I get is: “Why Do Weddings cost so much?”. There are certainly a lot of factors that play into the cost of a wedding. Though I’ve never been married, I remember my parents asking the exact question when my sister got married. There are lots of things that are needed to make a wedding happen. Linens, catering, rentals and flowers, just to name a few.

As a floral designer first, wedding planner second, we work with budgets of all types.  Most know, some don’t, but I worked with Kim Box Photography for 4 years before I ventured out into the wedding world on my own. I saw low budget weddings and over the top, extravagant weddings too. Shooting different types of weddings made me realize that yes, having a fantastic photographer was great, but have pretty details, flowers and design plan was even better. It gives the photographer a cohesive story to tell.

Flowers are one my favorite design elements of a wedding. They add so much life, color and texture to a bride and grooms special day. Though they are beautiful, they can also come with a pretty price tag. After meeting with a potential client last week(who asked many of questions regarding floral costs), I felt it was very important to educate brides to be on why wedding florals cost what they do.

This past weekend we were able to be a part of a very special wedding for Taylor and Adam. While prepping flowers, I told my team to stop what they were doing. I went and grabbed my camera. I wanted to document the process it takes to get to the end result.

Though a wedding is only one day for 12 hours, our works starts days in advance. Thursday, we started prepping flowers. First, clean buckets. TONS of them. Every wedding and/ or event that involves flowers starts with a full day of processing. 2015-03-30_0004 Every flower that comes through our studio is wrapped and packaged individually. We spend more time undoing rubber bands and cutting off plastic wrap than we do prepping.  2015-03-30_0002 2015-03-30_0006 Don’t those ranunculus make you happy? They’re one of my all-time FAVORITE flowers. 2015-03-30_0008 You probably thought I was joking, but every hydrangea comes individually wrapped, and tubed. It takes hours to process and unpack each box of blooms.  2015-03-30_0003 Rubbermaid’s aren’t just for Christmas garlands and baby clothes.  2015-03-30_0012 We stripped, de-thorn and process every bloom. Wether it’s thousands of roses, hundreds of hydrangeas or bundles of greenery nothing goes untouched.  2015-03-30_0005 2015-03-30_0007 Oh and somewhere in the midst of processing flowers, we manage to find time to prep our containers too.  2015-03-30_0013 Once all the flowers have been processed and the containers have been prepped, let the designing begin. We start every arrangement with greening. Sharon is the greening queen. After it’s been greened it’s past off to receive the pretties.  2015-03-30_0011 Table arrangements, bouquets and hard work. After we finish a full day of flowering, it’s time to load the van and head out. There is only one rule when packing the van: pack until you can’t pack any more.  2015-03-30_0009 My intentions behind this post were to give you a more behind the scenes look at what exactly goes into prepping flowers for a wedding. Most people think a wedding planner snaps their fingers and POOF, everything is in place. That’s certainly not the case. We spend between and 8 and 12 hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prepping flowers and most Saturdays come in around 16 hour days. It’s not just the day of. It’s the months of planning, days before and even the Monday and Tuesdays after the event spent unpacking vans, cleaning out buckets and returning table linens. It’s not the cost of the flowers, it’s the labor and time invested into each bouquet and arrangement you are untimely paying for.

We can’t wait to see the beautiful images Kim Box Photography captured from Taylor and Adam’s special day. Stay tuned to see what all these gorgeous blooms were turned into.


Nautical Inspired

It seems like it was just yesterday I was walking in the RSVP offices to discuss the Wedding Issue of the Magazine.  It released a few weeks back and has literally flown off newsstands here in town. This is one of my FAVORITE issues to work on with the girls. But of course weddings make us happy over here at Evan and Company.

This issue is packed with so much pretty it’s insane! Some of our favorite features include the Bridesmaid Diaries, Real Weddings, and The Gift Guide. But We’re a little partial to our 2 page Nautical Themed, Mock Wedding that was featured.

I remember going back and forth with Aubrie on what style wedding we were going to shoot. Literally hundreds of texts later we finally decided on the Nautical Theme. It was something that was fresh, new and different to the “Montgomery Bride”. I was away in Colorado at the time and I knew that I needed to call in re-enforcements. I had SO MUCH on my plate that it would’ve be nice to an extra set of hands and another creative brain–who better to call then my fantastic friend Rae of LeRae Events + Design. Putting us together was trouble, trouble, trouble. We couldn’t stop– EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. We wanted it to be perfect! We’re wedding designers, would you expect anything less?

Every time I prep for a shoot I go into it thinking that I am much more organized than the last, and every time I learn I AM NOT. Rae and I were literally busting our tails on shoot day. We had people running everywhere. Tables, chairs, china, flowers, cakes, food, bridesmaids, hair and makeup people, you name it—we had it. It was seriously like a real wedding, just less pressure. Well, in a sense.

After it was all said and done, we managed to pull it off. I couldn’t be happier with the images. They are perfect– can’t wait to add them to the site.  Thanks again to everyone who made this shoot happen. We had a HUGE team and again, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Big shout out toe Timmy, Michael and Hillary for hanging in there with us all day.

Design, Florals & Styling: Evan and Company/ LaRae Events and Design | Photography: Aubrie Moates | Venue: The Waters Boat House | Cake: Icing Illusions | Catering: Red’s Little School House | Invitation Suite: Whitlee Mullis | Rentals: American Rental and Tent | Hair: Patti Cleckler/ William Mason Salon | Makeup: Rebekah Edwards/ Lush Makeup Art | Bridal Gown: J. Crew | Groom’s Attire: The Gap

2013-05-31_005 2013-05-31_008 2013-05-31_009

Our boat paddle “guest book”. Isn’t this a GREAT alternative to those yucky traditional guest books?  2013-05-31_011 2013-05-31_007

His and Her chair signage is super popular these days so we wanted to tie in our nautical theme.  2013-05-31_003

2013-05-31_004 2013-05-31_002 2013-05-31_010 2013-05-31_006 2013-05-31_001

Few a few iPhone photos we snapped the day out of shoot and leading up to our shoot.  2013-05-31_012