Cookies, Uno, Wildcats and Friendship

Putting yourself out there on a public forum doesn’t often lead to meeting sincere people, but Melissa and Jeremy are one of the exceptions. Melissa has been following me for a couple of years now on Instagram and it wasn’t until just recently we were introduced and I realized her and her husband were local.

Melissa makes some of the most adorable and yummy cakes and cookies. Simply Sugared is something that Mel has been pursuing for the last couple a years as a hobby. It actually was birthed out of wanting to make cakes for her boys and of course with the power of social media business has grown tremendously in the last year and she’s working like a mad women to keep up.


I think it safe to say Melissa is a pretty hardcore #EGCfan. The Wrights were kind enough to invite me over for dinner. Well it was more than just dinner… they declared the entire week #EGCweek and dinner was just the icing on the cake. When I arrived Gage (6) wanted to make sure I was greeted properly. What wedding planner does love a good chalk board?!

2015-03-15_0001  My Momma taught me well,  NEVER go to someone’s house empty handed. Always take a gift, it’s the southern thing to do. I took a few things, but the hit of the night was Uno Attack. It was one of my FAVORITE games as a kiddo. Gage is obsessed with Uno, so I figured if he loved that, he would love uno attack. Come to find out, Gunner(18 months) might have liked it a bit more. Look at that smile. #bestillmyheart 2015-03-15_0009 After the yummy dinner J prepared, we decided it was time to get out hands a little messy. I LOVE sugar cookies and order them for most of my events and parties so I thought it was about time I actually see the work that goes into them.

Who knew rolling out dough takes some serious bicep muscles….  2015-03-15_0002 ….and so does the royal icing. You have to get that food color distributed perfectly. It a tough job. Though, I could eat it with a spoon. 2015-03-15_0003 As if baking with Melissa wasn’t enough Jeremy is crazy talented and serenaded us with a couple of acoustic John Legend and Ed Sheeran jams while we got our bake on. He knows the way to my heart. 2015-03-15_0004 Us guys put our decorating skills to the test. Though we’re not as good as Mrs. Simply Sugared herself, I thought we did pretty well, of course my skill level being the worst.  2015-03-15_0006 Don’t mess with us. We’re in the zone. #focusedfaces 2015-03-15_0005 I must admit, I thought my finished products turned out pretty nice, especially for my first time EVER. Those doughnuts are just too cute. I can’t stop staring at them. Maybe it’s because I made them from start to finish. #snapsforEGC 2015-03-15_0007 After we wrapped our cookie decorating party, we chatted like we’d be friends for years. Cookies, business, Wildcats and everything in between. We covered it. I didn’t leave Casa de Wright until 2am. I’m not lying when I say they are some of the sweetest people I’ve EVER met. Jeremy believes in Melissa like I’ve never seen anyone believe in someone before. Always pushing her to be the best she can be and supporting her to chase after her goals and dreams. Melissa is a FANTASTIC mother, wife and baker. But to me, she’s a fantastic, loyal friend. The cakes and cookies are a plus, but I would trade them in a heart beat it came down to friendship or baked goods. Our friendship is one that will be lasting no matter where life takes us and I am thankful the Lord has allowed our paths to cross. I’m still trying to figure out why I ignored her email for years. #oops  2015-03-15_0008 Thanks again for opening your home to me and also believing in me, and cheering me on. But most importantly #GoCats.