My Christmas Wishlist


Long gone are the days of legos, bicycles and matchbox cars. (YES!! By the way America I was obsessed with match box cars. I still have my whole collection. Maybe one day I’ll pass them down to my little guy!) It’s that time of year, the time of year where my family bombards me with phone calls and text messages asking me what I want for Christmas. Honestly, I would be happy without anything. Getting gifts is always fun, but I LOVE giving them 10x more. Just ask my friends, I am always giving gifts! It makes me so happy to see others happy.

I sat down the other dat to start “compiling” my Christmas Wish List… there were only  a few things I knew FOR SURE I wanted…a new iPhone case and a pair of Frye Oxfords. But of course there a other things I have been eye balling for the last couple of weeks too. I have an assortment of goodies this year. Doesn’t every 23 year old ask for a lamp, blazer and cologne? Oh and a flower recipe book? That’s totally the floral designer coming out in me.

I know that no one reads my blog, so this post is honestly  just for my parents. So Mom and Dad, I’ve made it super easy for you this year– I have included the links to everything on my Christmas Wish List. So no excuses. 😉 OK, OK! I don’t expect my family to get me everything on my list, but it’s fun to dream, right?



1. Banana Republic Modern-Fit Plaid Wool Blazer | 2.West Elm Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp | 3. Italian Leather iPhone Case | 4. Gap Wool Duffle Jacket 5. Polo Red Cologne  | 6. Timex Watch for J.Crew | 7. The Flower Recipe Book  8. The Frye Company Harvey Cap Toe Oxfords

What’s on your Christmas list? I can’t wait to see what shows up under the tree on Christmas Morning. I can hardly wait! Fingers crossed that iPhone case and those oxfords make the cut! 😉

Side Note: I am so excited about tomorrow’s Blog post. We’ve been working on a special Holiday Mantle for weeks– It’s finally finished and I can’t wait to show you guys! Don’t forget to subscribe, It’ll come straight to your inbox. All you have to do is enter your email address into the box on the right hand side of the blog under the social icons. See y’all tomorrow!