Surprise Gatsby 40th Birthday

It’s every girls dream to have a FABULOUS over the top birthday party, right? What about a FABULOUS Great Gatsby themed 40th? Well, we did just that for one of our most FAVORITE clients.

I remember Mrs. Toni (the birthday gals Mom) calling like it was yesterday… She said, “Let the Planning Begin”. I called my sweet friend Meghan at the Renaissance Hotel and Spa downtown Montgomery and immediately sat up a meeting. 2015-11-10_0016 The entry to the ballroom was draped with sheer white voile and flanked with geometric pedestals and lush florals. As guest entered they were greeted by our “Gatsby Girls” and a glass of champagne. SIDE NOTE: Isn’t that sequin table linen AMAZING?  2015-11-10_0017 Gatsby Girls on slits? I KNOW, we thought of EVERYTHING. I love thinking of special unique touches that take an event to the next level. Not to mention, people are still talking about the “Gatsby stilt walkers from Julie’s Party”. 2015-11-10_0026 2015-11-10_0022 As you entered the ballroom, we spared no detail. From lounge area seating, gorgeous table centerpieces to a 60 foot balloon wall complete with over 1,000 gold balloons. Don’t tell anyone but we weren’t allowed to have balloons. We had to call in a few favors.  2015-11-10_0018 Those GORGEOUS table linens are from Nuage Designs. They have an entire “art deco” collection that was a match made in linen heaven for our event.  2015-11-10_0023 2015-11-10_0029 2015-11-10_0020 One of my personal FAVORITE details was the “Sweets Bar”. Cake Pops, Petite Fours, Sugar Cookies and French Macaroons were a HUGE hit with party guest. I might have been seen her most of the night. 2015-11-10_0019 Speaking of sweets… Ligers Bakery knocked it out of the park with Julie’s cake. Feathers and Strawberry for the win.  2015-11-10_0028 Now that all the details are set & ready to go and guests were in place….. it was time to reveal the surprise. (Do I get an award for “Best Photobomb”? I laugh every time I look at this picture. What kind of face am I making?) 2015-11-10_0024 The only requirement for the party: Super T. The band played at Julie’s wedding and I now know why they had to booked them again. They were FANTASTIC and certainly now how to get the party started.  2015-11-13_0001 2015-11-10_0027 Of course the Birthday Girl needed an official photo with the Gatsby Girls.  2015-11-13_0003 Julie is beyond blessed to have such amazing family and friends that celebrated with her.  2015-11-10_0025 2015-11-10_0030 It was the party of the year.. Well besides the #BigTopBirthdayBash. (which is coming soon, BTW) Thanks Sanders Family for allowing Evan and Company to be a part of so many special events in your life. WE LOVE Y’ALL!  2015-11-10_0031 Event Planning/ Floral Design: Evan G. Cooper, Evan and Company | Lighting: Encore Productions | Venue: Renaissance Hotel and Spa | Catering: Renaissance Hotel and Spa | Cake: Ligers Bakery | Sugar Cookies: Simply Sugared | Entertainment: Super T & DJ at Large | Photo Booth: Face Time Photo Booth | Gatsby Girls: Glitterbug the Clown | Linens: Nuage Designs | Drapery: American Rental and Tent | Balloons: The Balloon Lady | Sofa Towers: Brendle Rentals  Photography: Steve Wells Photography 


Saturday, June 6th marked a HUGE millstone for Evan and Company. We celebrated our 50th Wedding. It’s hard to believe that 2 years ago I decided to leave my full time job and take a leap of faith. View More: I’m not gonna lie, it’s been tough. Really tough. Running a business is hard. Being a boss is hard. Hustling to make ends meet it hard but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Being able to live out my dream is feeling like no other. If you would’ve asked be 3 years ago if I thought I would be were I am today, I would’ve told you No. Maybe even a HECK NO. I was content shooting weddings (as a photographer) and being a full time studio manager at KBP.  View More: I had always dream of running  by own business. Mom worked briefly in a flower shop when I was younger, so I grew up tagging along some afternoons. My sister is an incredible artist. She can draw and paint like nobodies business and my Dad is a handy carpenter/builder/Mr. Fix-It, so I always imagined that my career path would in someway be creative, but no necessarily a floral and event designer.  View More: In honor of our 50th Wedding we pulled together a super fun shoot to celebrate. Complete with champagne, glittery hats, party horns a TONS of balloons. View More: We have some pretty exciting things in the works for Evan and Company and can’t wait to share them with you guys. If all goes at planned our NEW (teeny tiny) retail space should be opened (Fingers Crossed) by July.  View More: Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart who has shared in my journey, cheered me on and continued to support and believe in me. I know it sounds cliche, but it means more than you know. I couldn’t do what I do without the FANTASTIC clients that put their trust in us. Happy 50th Evan and Co.  View More:

Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much?

The most common question I get is: “Why Do Weddings cost so much?”. There are certainly a lot of factors that play into the cost of a wedding. Though I’ve never been married, I remember my parents asking the exact question when my sister got married. There are lots of things that are needed to make a wedding happen. Linens, catering, rentals and flowers, just to name a few.

As a floral designer first, wedding planner second, we work with budgets of all types.  Most know, some don’t, but I worked with Kim Box Photography for 4 years before I ventured out into the wedding world on my own. I saw low budget weddings and over the top, extravagant weddings too. Shooting different types of weddings made me realize that yes, having a fantastic photographer was great, but have pretty details, flowers and design plan was even better. It gives the photographer a cohesive story to tell.

Flowers are one my favorite design elements of a wedding. They add so much life, color and texture to a bride and grooms special day. Though they are beautiful, they can also come with a pretty price tag. After meeting with a potential client last week(who asked many of questions regarding floral costs), I felt it was very important to educate brides to be on why wedding florals cost what they do.

This past weekend we were able to be a part of a very special wedding for Taylor and Adam. While prepping flowers, I told my team to stop what they were doing. I went and grabbed my camera. I wanted to document the process it takes to get to the end result.

Though a wedding is only one day for 12 hours, our works starts days in advance. Thursday, we started prepping flowers. First, clean buckets. TONS of them. Every wedding and/ or event that involves flowers starts with a full day of processing. 2015-03-30_0004 Every flower that comes through our studio is wrapped and packaged individually. We spend more time undoing rubber bands and cutting off plastic wrap than we do prepping.  2015-03-30_0002 2015-03-30_0006 Don’t those ranunculus make you happy? They’re one of my all-time FAVORITE flowers. 2015-03-30_0008 You probably thought I was joking, but every hydrangea comes individually wrapped, and tubed. It takes hours to process and unpack each box of blooms.  2015-03-30_0003 Rubbermaid’s aren’t just for Christmas garlands and baby clothes.  2015-03-30_0012 We stripped, de-thorn and process every bloom. Wether it’s thousands of roses, hundreds of hydrangeas or bundles of greenery nothing goes untouched.  2015-03-30_0005 2015-03-30_0007 Oh and somewhere in the midst of processing flowers, we manage to find time to prep our containers too.  2015-03-30_0013 Once all the flowers have been processed and the containers have been prepped, let the designing begin. We start every arrangement with greening. Sharon is the greening queen. After it’s been greened it’s past off to receive the pretties.  2015-03-30_0011 Table arrangements, bouquets and hard work. After we finish a full day of flowering, it’s time to load the van and head out. There is only one rule when packing the van: pack until you can’t pack any more.  2015-03-30_0009 My intentions behind this post were to give you a more behind the scenes look at what exactly goes into prepping flowers for a wedding. Most people think a wedding planner snaps their fingers and POOF, everything is in place. That’s certainly not the case. We spend between and 8 and 12 hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prepping flowers and most Saturdays come in around 16 hour days. It’s not just the day of. It’s the months of planning, days before and even the Monday and Tuesdays after the event spent unpacking vans, cleaning out buckets and returning table linens. It’s not the cost of the flowers, it’s the labor and time invested into each bouquet and arrangement you are untimely paying for.

We can’t wait to see the beautiful images Kim Box Photography captured from Taylor and Adam’s special day. Stay tuned to see what all these gorgeous blooms were turned into.


Taylor + Taylor

Yup! You heard right! Taylor and Taylor said I do!  Isn’t that the cutest? Matching names! I wonder if I could find an Evan to marry?! That might be a bit much for the world to handle!

According to girl Taylor, Evan and Company came highly recommend from her sweet, sweet friends Heather and Ivey! I’m so thankful they put in a good word. I enjoyed every second of planning their wedding. They exchanged vows with a small private family only ceremony and reception at Wynfield Estate late September.

Her dress was gorgeous and fit her like a glove, but can we talk about those Kate Spade heels? That Bow, those straps = PERFECTION!

2014-11-09_0041 I’m a man of many talents, I wouldn’t put bow tying at the top of that list, but I’m pretty good at it. #whataman 2014-11-09_0042 I knew from our initial meeting with Taylor that Courtnie of Poppy Pedals had to design her invites. The fit and style of her work was PERFECT for Taylor and Taylor’s wedding.  2014-11-09_0043 Bride and Grooms usually have mixed feelings about a “First Look”. But when they agree to it, it’s pretty much perfect. Boy Taylor’s face is priceless.  2014-11-09_0044 Taylor’s eyes got water-y when she saw her bouquet. As a designer it made my heart happy. I used seeded eucalyptus as the base and used ivory roses, veronica, white ranunculus and lisanthus to create the finished piece. Of course no bouquet is compete without long hanging satin ribbons.  2014-11-09_0045


2014-11-09_0063 This black and white is my FAVORITE! Such a classic and timeless photo! High Five, BROOKIE!!!

2014-11-09_0062 We adorned the doors of the conservatory with fresh cut wreaths and garland. 2014-11-09_0047 Isn’t her Bridal stunning? I mean… PERFECTION!!  2014-11-09_0048


2014-11-09_0050 When I get married I want engraved cufflinks. So classy! But I wouldn’t expect anything less from boy Taylor. 2014-11-09_0058

2014-11-09_0052 a beautiful small intimate ceremony for Taylor and Taylor’s family.  2014-11-09_0055 This was one of my favorite elements from the day. That cross, the flowers and the table… OBSESSED!  2014-11-09_0056 I LOVE when I get a chance to share in a room reveal with a Bride and Groom before all of their guest arrive. It’s safe to say girl Taylor LOVED it.  2014-11-09_0051

2014-11-09_0059 Simplicity is always best. I couldn’t more thrilled with out everything turned out. Just gorgeous! The perfect about of classic elegance.  2014-11-09_0054 Because every Bride and Groom needs His and Her chairs.  2014-11-09_0060

2014-11-09_0061 You know it’s not a true southern wedding without a Peggy McKinney Cake. It was delicious as always.  2014-11-09_0053 Biodegradable confetti for the win! Don’t you like my photobomb up there?  2014-11-09_0065 I am a better person having worked with Taylor and Taylor. It was nothing but joy from day one we met and I can’t thank you enough for believing in me and trusting us to make your special day extraordinary. Please tell Newt I said hello! 😉 2014-11-09_0066 Oh yea, for all you “pincers” don’t forget to hover over the image and click “Pin”. Share Away!

Venue: Wynfield Estate {Montgomery, Ala.} | Dress: Ivory and White | Wedding Planning, Floral Design & Styling: Evan & Co. | Invitations/Paper Products: Poppy Pedals | Catering: Jennie Weller Catering | Cake: Peggy McKinney Cakes | Music: Jason Givens | Bar Service: Helping Hands Bar Service | Rentals: Brendle Rentals | Photography: Colorbox Photographers