I went Fishing…

Happy Memorial Day, Y’all! I hope that everyone has had/ is having a wonderful holiday weekend. I knew this weekend and upcoming week were going to be super fast paced, so I decided to take the day off Friday and went fishing with the boys. YES! Fishing! I know, it’s a complete Shocker, right?!

When Horton asked if I wanted to go, I laughed in his face… literally. I decided to go though, “Why not?” I said to myself. I think the last time I had been fishing was when I was about 5.  Ya know, the mandatory time—where little boys go with their Dads and take their bright red Hot Wheels fishing pole. Right?

Our adventure started early. Well early to me (I don’t even make it over to the office until after 9:00am most mornings). I was honestly clueless as to where we were going. I was just “along for the adventure”.  After picking up Zongo and Lil. Larry we headed to Verbena Alabama. A mutual friend of ours, Donald lives in the area. His family has some Land with a beautiful pond. Remember, it’s been a LONG time since I have been fishing so I kind of forgot what I was in for—We were literally in the middle of no where. If I would’ve gotten bite by a water moccasin, I would’ve been left for dead. No time to get to a hospital from Verbena.

We unloaded the car, baited the hooks and set off on our journey. Of course I didn’t bait anything. I had no clue as to what I was doing and the fact of touching slimy creatures just isn’t my thing. Horton was kind enough to get me going and take care of all those fishing to-dos.

I have to admit, I can honestly see where fishing could be therapeutic, but it’s not for me.  Standing for hours in one spot, the sun beaming on you, bugs… oh the list goes on and on. I was actually have a semi- exciting time until Horton comes darting across the way—“I just almost stepped on a water moccasin.” It was that moment I was out. No more for me. I can’t die fishing.

I’m really glad I went—It was certainly a step outside of my comfort zone, was a nice little getaway with the guys. I’m ready for round 2! LET’S GO!

There just might be video of our car conversations. Hopefully we will have it up very soon!



I think the Gap should endorse me, right? Stylish Fisherman– that’s how I roll. What do you think of it? My Friend Hannah HATES it!



Horton is a PRO! Can’t touch him!



Isn’t it just beautiful?!