Evan & Company Fall Mantle Decor

Hey Y’all! Happy Wednesday. Can you believe it’s starting to actually feel like fall outside. I have to admit, I’m a horrible person when it comes to decorating for the holidays. I guess I’m always busy helping clients I tend to neglect my home and office. So this year, I decided I was going to jazz up our office mantle for the fall. It’s the focal point of our consultation space, so it need to POP.

I used a collection of pumpkins, pinecones, greenery and taper candles. Most of these things I had around the office, minus the pumpkins of course. I’m still trying to figure out what I used the gold candles for.  Maybe it will hit me soon. I know I collected the brass candle holders from different thrift stores around the area.

The pumpkins came home with me from my visit to Niceville, FL. If you’re in the area, stop by– the students at Crosspoint United Methodist host a pumpkin patch as a yearly  fundraiser. Of course if you can’t make it there, you can also check your local farmers market.

It’s a pretty simple set up. I promise anyone can do it.  Since it was going to be a focal point in our office, I wanted to keep with our brand colors; Grey and White. Luckily I had first dibs on those pretty grey pumpkins. They’re PERFECT. I used seeded eucalyptus and Italian Ruscus to soften the harsh lines of the pumpkins. I added some pinecones for texture and contrast. I also found some faux dusty miller laying around the office that I pick up from our local craft store and those it was another great touch of grey.

If you haven’t already pulled your fall decor out of the attic, hop to it. I had a blast being creative for a minutes yesterday morning. I Can’t wait to see what you come up with– If posting on social media use the hashtag #EGCfallmantle, I’d LOVE to see what you create.

Why Do Wedding Flowers Cost So Much?

The most common question I get is: “Why Do Weddings cost so much?”. There are certainly a lot of factors that play into the cost of a wedding. Though I’ve never been married, I remember my parents asking the exact question when my sister got married. There are lots of things that are needed to make a wedding happen. Linens, catering, rentals and flowers, just to name a few.

As a floral designer first, wedding planner second, we work with budgets of all types.  Most know, some don’t, but I worked with Kim Box Photography for 4 years before I ventured out into the wedding world on my own. I saw low budget weddings and over the top, extravagant weddings too. Shooting different types of weddings made me realize that yes, having a fantastic photographer was great, but have pretty details, flowers and design plan was even better. It gives the photographer a cohesive story to tell.

Flowers are one my favorite design elements of a wedding. They add so much life, color and texture to a bride and grooms special day. Though they are beautiful, they can also come with a pretty price tag. After meeting with a potential client last week(who asked many of questions regarding floral costs), I felt it was very important to educate brides to be on why wedding florals cost what they do.

This past weekend we were able to be a part of a very special wedding for Taylor and Adam. While prepping flowers, I told my team to stop what they were doing. I went and grabbed my camera. I wanted to document the process it takes to get to the end result.

Though a wedding is only one day for 12 hours, our works starts days in advance. Thursday, we started prepping flowers. First, clean buckets. TONS of them. Every wedding and/ or event that involves flowers starts with a full day of processing. 2015-03-30_0004 Every flower that comes through our studio is wrapped and packaged individually. We spend more time undoing rubber bands and cutting off plastic wrap than we do prepping.  2015-03-30_0002 2015-03-30_0006 Don’t those ranunculus make you happy? They’re one of my all-time FAVORITE flowers. 2015-03-30_0008 You probably thought I was joking, but every hydrangea comes individually wrapped, and tubed. It takes hours to process and unpack each box of blooms.  2015-03-30_0003 Rubbermaid’s aren’t just for Christmas garlands and baby clothes.  2015-03-30_0012 We stripped, de-thorn and process every bloom. Wether it’s thousands of roses, hundreds of hydrangeas or bundles of greenery nothing goes untouched.  2015-03-30_0005 2015-03-30_0007 Oh and somewhere in the midst of processing flowers, we manage to find time to prep our containers too.  2015-03-30_0013 Once all the flowers have been processed and the containers have been prepped, let the designing begin. We start every arrangement with greening. Sharon is the greening queen. After it’s been greened it’s past off to receive the pretties.  2015-03-30_0011 Table arrangements, bouquets and hard work. After we finish a full day of flowering, it’s time to load the van and head out. There is only one rule when packing the van: pack until you can’t pack any more.  2015-03-30_0009 My intentions behind this post were to give you a more behind the scenes look at what exactly goes into prepping flowers for a wedding. Most people think a wedding planner snaps their fingers and POOF, everything is in place. That’s certainly not the case. We spend between and 8 and 12 hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday prepping flowers and most Saturdays come in around 16 hour days. It’s not just the day of. It’s the months of planning, days before and even the Monday and Tuesdays after the event spent unpacking vans, cleaning out buckets and returning table linens. It’s not the cost of the flowers, it’s the labor and time invested into each bouquet and arrangement you are untimely paying for.

We can’t wait to see the beautiful images Kim Box Photography captured from Taylor and Adam’s special day. Stay tuned to see what all these gorgeous blooms were turned into.


Toni Is Sweet 16

Most people think Evan and Company is strictly a “wedding” related business. That’s not at all the case. We do everything from weddings, corporate events and NOW, even Sweet Sixteens. I remember laying in bed one evening watching Criminal Minds (as I do most late nights) and I heard the email alert on my phone go off. Of course, like any good business man, no matter the time,  I opened it within seconds. The email was from Julie Sanders, owner of Glow in Troy. She mentioned that she needed our help desperately planning a Sweet 16 party for her daughter. I emailed her immediately and told her I would call her and chat all the details out. After numerous conversations back and forth on dates, guest list and 324 menu revisions everything started coming together….

Did I mentioned we planned this HUGE shindig in 3 weeks. NO LIE.

Party week finally arrived and our Thursday and Friday started with vendor load at the Emporium and 500 pink roses. Oh and 700 yards of pink ribbon.  2014-10-12_0005 It wouldn’t have been a proper initiation if I hadn’t of dragged our newest (at the time) Evan and Company team along for the crazy ride. I am not sure Brian had a 4am wrap time in his mind. But he’s dang good at retrieving giant balloons from tall ceilings.  2014-10-12_0001 No party is complete without a KILLER invitation suite and Courtnie from Poppy Pedals delivered just that. Pink and gold glitter, every sixteen year girls dream. 2014-10-05_0001 And can we talk about that gold calligraphy on those pink envelopes? OBSESSED!  2014-10-05_0015 While planning #toniissweet16 I called Kim, owner of Kreative Moments with my CRAZY balloon ideas and she brought them to life. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE flowers and we used LOTS of them but I didn’t want Toni’s party to resemble a wedding reception. I wanted it to have the glamorous feel of a reception but an overall fun vibe of a Birthday party and the balloons did just that. Most people think balloons are just on a string that you pick up from a party supply store. NOT. Look at those wraps around the columns… 2014-10-05_0004 2014-10-05_0007 I’m still kind of dying over these centerpieces. They combine two of my FAVORITE THINGS, Balloons and Flowers. What do you think? 2014-10-12_0002 We even carried the balloon theme outside. The entrance was draped with pink fabric and accented with pink and gold balloon columns from Kreative Moments. 2014-10-05_0005 Didn’t your Sweet 16 party have a pink carpet too?  2014-10-05_0016 2014-10-05_0002 Honestly, this was my FAVORITE part of Toni’s party… I think Brian and I ate a combined total of 7 popsicles during a 3 hour period. If you haven’t heard of 80 Pops in Birmingham you need to know about them. The lemonade pop is TO.DIE.FOR. 2014-10-05_0012 2014-10-05_0003 2014-10-05_0017 The folks at Jennie Weller Catering always have topnotch presentation and with the addition of a custom menu chalkboard from Poppy Pedals, it’s every event planners dream. Oh the buffalo pizza was delicious by the way. 2014-10-05_0010 Can’t have a party without a cake, right? a few flowers never hurt anyone. 2014-10-05_0013 We ended the night with a 600 piece balloon drop. I was chatting with Julie earlier in the week and we decide to add this like 3 days before the party. Kim was on top of it and made it happen. SO, SO Fun!  2014-10-05_0006 The hours and hours of hard work paid off when Toni came up to me at the end of the night and said, “Thank You so much for my party. We had a blast” 2014-10-12_0003  Though I dreamed up an over the top celebration, I couldn’t have done it without an INCREDIBLE team of Vendors.

Balloons: Kreative Moments | Rentals: Brendle Rentals | Venue: The Emporium | Lighting:  Special Event Lighting | Invitation/ Paper Products: PoppyPedals | Popsicles: 80 Pops | Photography: Saxon McClamma Catering: Jennie Weller Catering | Cake: Ligers Bakery | PhotoBooth: Birmingham Photobooths | Entertainment: DJ Porta Party!!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working with these vendors and couldn’t imagine it any other way. In ways we’ve become family working with each other weekend after weekend, but the real goes out to my team Sharon, Laura and Brian. I feel like I drive it into the ground weekend after weekend, but I couldn’t do what I do without them. They make me look good. It’s really all them. My name is just on the t-shirt. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Love You Guys! Thanks again Julie and Toni for allowing me to be a part of such a exciting moment in your life.

I’m coming up for air..

Oh My Word! I feel like I have left you guys hanging FOREVER! It’s been quite a while since I blogged last. Between weddings, 1st Birthdays, Vacation and more Weddings I haven’t been able to come up for air until now, and that’s only because I am in the car headed to Troy, Alabama for a wedding this weekend. Chandler is Driving, I promise I’m not doing anything Dangerous! 😉 Over the last 2 months its been nothing but full steam ahead….

Before I left town for vacation I had the pleasure of working with the SWEETEST family you will ever meet! Ivey (The Bride) and her  Mother Mrs. Donna were literally the type of clients every wedding planner dreams about. The planning process was nothing but smooth sailing. Ivey and Klein said “I do” on May 17th at First Baptist in Troy, Alabama. They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was great and Everything was stunning. Below are a few iPhone from their big day! I can’t wait to see the “real” photos. Hurry up ERT!  2014-06-19_0003 After Ivey and Klein’s wedding, I hopped on a plane and headed to Sarasota, Fl for 2 1/2 weeks. I know, I know it’s a LONG time for Vacation but I knew If I didn’t take it, I would regret it come July when everything pics up again. I had never been to Disney and that was my ONLY request while away. The Rumors are TRUE, It is the Happiest Place on Earth. I wasn’t leaving that Park until I saw my girlfriend, Belle. And of course Mickey and Minnie too! After all it started with a Mouse.  2014-06-19_0006 There were people everywhere, A bottle of soda was $5.75, Balloons were $8.00 but it was worth EVERY penny. We had the best time!  Oh and Soarin’ is pretty sweet too! While away we spent most of our days on the beach, eating, the Tampa Bay Rays game, eating and MORE EATING. I am so grateful to my sweet friends Mrs. Susan, Mr. Jim and Jacob for allowing me to spend my vacation with them. I’m ready for October. Disney World at Halloween, right? LET’S DO IT! Thanks again, I LOVE you guys!   2014-06-19_0005 While away on Vacation I wasn’t able to attend the 1st Birthday party I helped my sweet friend Aubrie plan for her son, so I sent Jonny instead and OH MY LANTA, that was one heck of a party! Isn’t his cake from Ligers Bakery the Cutest? Aubrie missed her calling as a party planner. I keep telling her to come work with me!  2014-06-19_0004 I came back from Vacation on a Wednesday and rushed into wedding Prep for Rachel and Luke’s Big Day the next day! 75 Bundles of Babies Breath, 300 Roses and a sequin gold table linen– It was one heck of a shindig.  The BIGGEST challenge: Transforming the ballroom at the Montgomery Country club into a glamorous wedding reception. I think we succeeded, The Bride cried when she walked into the ballroom. It made this wedding planner smile from ear to ear. HUGE thanks to Adam w/ Special Event Lighting. 2014-06-19_0001 After a busy wedding weekend, I headed to Mobile for a quick trip with my boy AGB. It was a nice little quick get a way. When we’re together we always find away to get into trouble! AND I couldn’t be in Mobile without stopping and seeing my sweet, sweet friends The Goodes. We had a wonderful patio dinner filled with laughs and yummy food. When headed to see friends you haven’t seen in awhile, ALWAYS take a gift. So what better way to say “it’s been a while” than cookies with your face on them. His little ones thought it was the coolest thing ever! #pointsformrevan.  My favorite quote of the night was when we left dinner and got back in the car Andrew said, “Well that conversation was all about you”. I tried to warm him, we were playing catch up! All of my Facebook and Twitter friends kept telling me we had to eat at “A Spot of Tea” downtown mobile. I’ll be honest when I walked in i wanted to walk out. As Rachel said, “It’s from the 70’s”, but Lord have mercy the food was yummy so it totally made up for it. We stayed at the ever so swanky Battle House Hotel, the bathroom was bigger than my bedroom at home! All in all it was a great weekend. Andrew, let’s go to Nashville next!  2014-06-19_0002 It’s been non-stop but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If you would’ve asked me 2 years ago If I thought I would be where I am today, I would’ve told you No. It’s crazy how God works. So blessed to be doing what I love and sharing it when my family and friends.  Thanks for reading, off to finished prepping for this weekends #sowellwedding2014. I can’t wait to share photos with you guys! It’s gonna be a stunner! Here’s a little peak from my IG feed. If you’re not following me on Instagram, shame on you! @evangcooper GO! NOW!  2014-06-21_0001