Meet Victoria

Summer is here. We’re are in full wedding mode and couldn’t be busier. When summer arrives it usually means one thing…. INTERNS. Meet Victoria, one of our adorable summer interns. She wrote a little about her journey with Evan and Company thus far.  2015-06-12_0001 I contacted Evan back in early spring about an internship opportunity for the summer; I am a Public Relations major and wanted more experience in my field and also a better idea of what I might want to do in the future.

Coming in I had some experience with event planning; my sorority’s formals/socials and with Auburn Donor Relations events, but compares to my first weekend as an intern for a wedding planner.

With the wedding being on a Sunday, prepping flowers started Friday morning. Walking in to the office full of big beautiful flowers certainly made me smile, but my love for these flowers faded after the first hour of clipping, stripping, and green fingers. It took a full day to prepare the flowers and create arrangements the bride was sure to love.  2015-06-12_0005 2015-06-12_0002 Saturday was neither hectic nor stressful. Although we were crunched for time, the wedding party knew their cues and positions within the hour time slot we were allotted.

For me, the night before the wedding was like the night before a big test I studied really hard for, I was full of anxiety, excitement and dreams of being late (being late to a test is one of my biggest fears and I guess being late to wedding setup is on that list now too.) I arrived to the office on time and ready to load up the van only to unload it 20 minutes later at the venue.

Because of Evan’s vision and Laura’s guidance, setup, from my point of view, was stress free and fast paced. The worst part about set up was definitely the heat and the bugs. (Note to self: do not have my wedding outdoors between the months of May and September because I burn, sweat and lots of bugs bite).   2015-06-12_0003 The wedding was fabulous and the bride and groom seemed truly pleased with how everything turned out, but I expected nothing less from Evan and Company. There might have been a few hiccups throughout the day, but that’s normal and nothing that couldn’t be fixed.  2015-06-12_0004 I know not all weddings/brides will be as laid back and easy going as this one, but I am excited to gain experience in the hectic world of event planning as well as to work for and learn from the master himself, Evan G. Cooper.