2013: One Last Glimpse

Oh my stars y’all!!!  2013 has finally come to a close. I don’t know where to begin!!  It has been one Heck of a year! If you would’ve asked me what 2013 had in store last year on New Years Eve I would have told you, “I have no idea.”  Literally! I was scared to death!

In December of 2012 I made the decision to pursue my dreams–  I knew that whatever I wanted to happen or dreamed of happening wasn’t going to happen without bathing my dreams and goals in prayer. So, after lots of prayer and multiple conversations with my parents, I quit my full time job at Kim Box Photography,  took a leap of faith and jumped in to Evan & Co. full time. Looking back on that decision I wouldn’t  have changed a thing. I’m so blessed that the Lord has allowed me to do something I’m passionate about and love so much! I can’t put into words how thankful I am for all the experiences, clients and opportunities that were put in front of me in 2013. It really has been the best year of my life.

The quote from Walt Disney is ALL ME. Just ask my family and friends. It’s the perfect representation of 2013.





Ok, you’ve been warned… this post is full of iPhone Pictures (the best camera is always the one you carry with you) and lots of pretty pictures from professionals. Don’t mind the mix!

I started 2013 out right– a ski trip with some of my closest friends. We loaded up the van and headed to West Virginia. I’m not a cold weather fun, but everything is better when you’re with friends, right?  2014-01-02_0003

As if one ski trip wasn’t enough, I hopped on a plane and headed to Colorado for 2 weeks after I arrived back from WV. I LOVE it there. Good food and lots of laughs. 2014-01-02_0004

Late January Aubrie, Kim and I  held the 2nd Annual Souther Bridal Faire. It was Bigger and Better than the previous year. We had over 500 folks come through the doors and over 200 Brides. Never did we think it would be what it is today. Aubrie and I took the stage to welcome the guest and open the show. I LOVE this shot, “I forget to take my gum out”. 2014-01-02_0007

I set up my first EVER bridal show booth. I think it turned out pretty good. Aren’t those calligraphy place cards FANTASTIC?? Poppy Pedals help take my booth to the next level. Of course everything was Yellow! It’s my FAVORITE color! Photos By: Nikki P


This might have been my BIGGEST moment of 2013– I picked up the keys to my 2,220 square ft office. I felt like a grownup. 2014-01-02_0009

Thankfully I was in my new office just in time to prep for Paul and Stephanie’s wedding. Her bouquet is (I think) my most FAVORITE I’ve created yet. I just LOVE all the bright colors– they pop so well. Photos By: Josh Moates | Kim Box Photography  2014-01-02_0012 2014-01-02_0016

Next up is weekend I’ll NEVER forget. We had 3 weddings. Yes, I said 3!! I thought Sharon (my assistant) was going to kill me We’ve never worked harder. To this day I don’t know why I agreed to it, but I did and We rocked it out!

First on that weekend’s agenda, Ashley and Meghan’s beautiful Friday nuptials. Isn’t she stunning. Her and her family were beyond precious. Such sweet, sweet people and I couldn’t have been more excited to be a part of their day! Photo By: Josh Moates | Kim Box Photography

2014-01-02_0010 2014-01-02_0018

My cousin Tyler said I do to his beautiful Bride Penni that weekend too. I LOVED her color combo.So beautiful– lovely shades of purple and pinks. Photo By: Brooke Glassford | Colorbox Photography  2014-01-02_0013 2014-01-02_0015

Lastly we rounded out our busy weekend with a stunning wedding in Selma, Alabama for Peyton and Andy. I just LOVE her. Her wedding was inspired by an antique Wedgwood Box. I’ll be sharing her photos on the blog very soon! Their 1 year anniversary is approaching. Photo by Josh Moates | Kim Box Photography


One of my most FAVORITE things as a planner and event designer is getting to show the Bride and Groom their reception space before all of the guest arrive. I just love this photo. It’s framed sitting on my book case at the office.


I styled 2 shoots for the Wedding Edition of RSVP Magazine. 1st up, a feature on honeymoon attire. The call time for this shoot was killer but the private Jet, Prada Sunglasses and Louboutin shoes totally made up for it!


Also in that same issue of RSVP Magazine my friend Rae and I pulled together this FABULOUS Nautical inspired shoot for a special feature. Isn’t that  J.Crew gown perfection? Gets me every time! Photos By: Aubrie Lemon  2014-01-04_0001

I attended a charity event with the Bill and Giuliana Rancic. I gave her some hair care tips. 😉 I look back at these photos and think, what was I wearing?


Kimberly and Davis said I-Do in April and her bouquet might be close 2nd for “Favorite bouquet” I’ve created. Isn’t it beautiful? I LOVE that color combo, shades of red, burnt oranges and ivory. Photos By: Faith Burkett | Kim Box Photography  2014-01-04_0002

We had kind of a lull during the month of May but picked right back up in June with Katie and Joe’s beautiful wedding at The Oaks Plantation. I die every time I Look at these images. They are stunning. That butter-y sunlight couldn’t be more gorgeous! Photo By: Josh Moates | Kim Box Photography 2014-01-04_0004 1150812_10200276007054022_138115990_n

June was the a busy month. We knocked out a few weddings and hopped on a plane to Austria. MOST.BEAUTIFUL.PLACE.EVER. I wrote a full post about our trip here. Check it out!  2013-07-26_0009 2013-07-28_0010 2013-08-03_0002

August started with a trip to Orlando for National Fine Arts Festival. While there I had the opportunity to meet one of my Favorite Authors, Mark Batterson. If you haven’t read any of his books do yourself a favor and go pick a few up. I posted a recent review on The Circle Maker here and also his newest book, All In here. While in Orlando, I was honored to receive a national award of merit for photograph I shot while in Guatemala. We even took a field trip to Universal Studios and Island of Adventures. I think I rode the Hulk like 10 times. LOVE that ride.  2014-01-05_0002

My sweet friend over at Hannah Akers Photography enlisted my help to throw a Bridal Shower for her friend Kayleigh. The details were PERFECT. I am obsessed with that floral cake topper and those strawberry baskets we used for the table arrangements. Photo By: Hannah Akers Photography 2013-09-02_0001 2013-09-02_0002

August was a busy, busy month for us. We rounded out the month with 2 weddings. First up, Marcus and Jasmine. I don’t think I could have met anyone sweeter. I wish I had a recording of the phone call between her mother and I after the wedding– So Sweet. It was a pure joy to be a part of their wedding. I can’t wait to update our site with some of their gorgeous photos. Photos By: K. Bryant Images  

2014-01-04_0005 2014-01-04_0009 No only did we get to be a part of Kayleigh’s Bridal Shower, We were a part of the wedding too. She was as sweet as they come. Despite the rain and No Chicken Fingers, her day was PERFECT! Photos By: Hannah Akers Photography 


September was full speed ahead with 4 HUGE Weddings. My good friend Nick said I-Do to his beautiful bride Elizabeth on a Hot (Like 100 degrees hot) September Saturday afternoon. I just recently posted about their wedding here. Photos By: Josh Moates | Kim Box Photography

View More: http://kimboxphotography.pass.us/drollette

Hevan and Jarrod were up next. It poured and poured rain on the weekend of their Big Day, but I couldn’t have asked for a more understanding and go with the flow bride. She still texts me randomly and tells me how perfect everything was and that she misses her flowers. Photos By: Kim Box | Kim Box Photography

View More: http://kimboxphotography.pass.us/miller Lastly, Alexandra and Ron’s beautiful wedding at Anderson Gail Farms. I LOVED this focal arrangement the most. Why? Because we had something else in mind, but our container broke on the way up, so we had to improvise. It came out 10x better than what I imaged. Photo By: Blue Moon Studios  2014-01-05_0003

October, a month I had been waiting for. We’ve been planning #thechapelmarket for so long and it was finally here. You can read my full post about The Chapel Market here.

2013-10-23_0014 2013-10-23_0007 2013-10-23_0003 My graphic designer Amanda finally walked down the aisle. You can see a FULL post from her and Tj’s Big Day here. Photo By: Nick Drollette View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/claybrook Michael and Elyse’s wedding was picture perfect. Jonathan Kohn captured it beautifully. I don’t want to give away to much, there’s a post coming on Thursday! Get Ready! It’s a stunner! 😉 View More: http://enlove.pass.us/elyse--michael View More: http://enlove.pass.us/elyse--michael April and Corey’s November wedding was totally them 100%. I can’t wait to show off all of the reception photos. The Bride is an avid reader and we incorporated TONS of old vintage books into her table centerpieces. It turned out just lovely and I would be silly if I didn’t mention that bouquet. So happy with the way it turned out too. Aren’t those roses beautiful? Photos By: Shae Owens Photography  2014-01-04_0013 2014-01-04_0012

My family and I took a quick trip to Gatlinburg, TN  for Thanksgiving. So much fun just to get away from the hustle and bustle of work. Despite the faint cell phone service and tiny bed, I made it! Aren’t those iPhone pictures the best? 😉  2014-01-05_0001 I think the BIGGEST honor of 2013 was when I received a phone call about decorating the Governor’s Mansion. I still can’t believe it happened. I posted the entire run down here. Not only was I asked to decorate the Mansion, I also decorated the State Capital. So FUN!! Such a HUGE honor! 2013-11-26_0019 2013-11-26_0012 It’s been 2 years since I met this sweet family and 2013 was the year we kicked our friendship into high gear! So FUN!!  They asked me to snap their picture for their Christmas Cards and of course I couldn’t say no. I wrote an entire post dedicated to #thegodwingang here. 2013-11-26_0002 They were also kind enough to let me into their home and decorate it for the holidays. So happy they LOVED it. If you missed the complete run down on our holiday mantle post, be sure to check it out here Photo By: Nick Drollette   View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/cooper View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/cooper So excited to be a part of Chris and Michelle’s big day! She wanted everything pretty neutral and romantic. I LOVE how her bouquet turned out. It fit with everything so well. Photo by: Nick Drollette 


Finally we ended the year with Patrick and Kim. Their Saturday evening December wedding was just lovely. No amount of rain could stop us! I am dying over her Christmas-y bouquet. Oh and let’s talk about her dress… that woven pattern is perfection. She rocked it! Photos by: Brian Moats 


2014-01-05_0005 We had to get one last Christmas Craft in before the holiday break, so Layla invited me over for an afternoon of crafting. We had a blast! It’s always a treat when I’m with her. She wrote about it over on her blog. Check it out! If you haven’t heard of her, She’s FABULOUS! Subscribe to her blog, NOW!  2014-01-06_0003 I finally got around to mailing my Christmas Cards. After I dropped them off at the post office I went officially went on “vacation”. My family and I had a wonderful Christmas. It’s been a tradition for years… We go to the Movies on Christmas afternoon. This year we saw Saving Mr. Banks. It was STELLAR. Emma Thompson was a pure genius. Oh and the best part about Christmas… I even got a few things off of my Wishlist— My Mom did good! Oh and Lindsey too. Her and Baby J gifted me the book I wanted.

2014-01-06_0001 We ended 2013 with one last celebration…I couldn’t imagine spending New Years Eve with anyone else. We’ve been doing it for years, why stop now? My sister even came down to surprise Hannah. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.


Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You guys have made this year what it has been. My heart is so happy and full and wouldn’t wanted 2013 to be any other way. We’re ready to tackle 2014. It’s going to be a wild ride! HOLD ON! 😉

#TheChapelMarket Recap

Y’all, WE DID IT! #TheChapelMarket was beyond a success. I remember the day I received the text from Layla, “Hey! I have something I want to talk to you about. :-)”.  I’m glad We proceeded with that conversation….

DISCLAIMER: I stole most of these photos. I never take my camera with Me and I regretted it over and over this weekend. Thankfully these professional bloggers never leave home without theirs. Be sure to visit each of their blogs for their #thechapelmarket aftermath posts.  

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. YES!! This is real life! Beautiful blue skies and a quaint little white Chapel.  2013-10-23_0008 2013-10-23_0016 TCM is a Vintage Goods Market, held in Pike Road, Alabama and if you missed it, SHAME ON YOU. It was beyond FANTASTIC. There are really no words that can properly describe it. I had a smile from ear to ear for 3 days straight! It’s just what my heart needed.

Friday and Saturday were a complete whirlwind. I vaguely remember everything that happened. I arrived late on Friday afternoon due to previous commitments, when I pulled into the Chapel parking lot all I could see were trucks, trailers, and lots of pretties.  2013-10-23_0010 The day wouldn’t have been possible with out the helping hands of many of Layla’s blogger friends. (I had NO IDEA the blogging world was the way that it is.) These ladies are like the Oprah’s of blogging. It’s INSANE.  2013-10-23_0009 2013-10-23_0001 Market Professionals– that’s what all these ladies are! Their booths were styled to PERFECTION. SO  much amazingness in one room.  2013-10-23_0005

I have to say, Mary’s (Urban Farmgirl) booth might have been my Favorite. I felt like I was in a Ralph Lauren inspired club house. It was beyond perfect. Mary and Susan (Maples and Magnolia) know how to style their little hearts out.   2013-10-23_0013 How fantastic is this lady’s find from Mary’s booth?!? Can’t you just see that hanging on her wall in her craft room? LOVE IT!  2013-10-23_0004 My life is much sweeter having met Mary and Susan. There are no words to describe the feelings I have towards these ladies. Not only are they super talented, but they are genuine. Such a giving heart! I PROMISE I am coming to Chicago soon!  2013-10-23_0006 When planning The Chapel Market, Layla was persistent on me having a booth. I don’t sell pillows, pretty hand painted furniture or candles but I do know a thing or two about flowers. So a Fresh Flower Stand was born. I Love this shot Layla captured of me prepping all the pretty blooms.  2013-10-23_0007

I have to admit, I was pretty darn excited with the way my booth turned out. Doesn’t it just scream “Street corner in NYC”?  2013-10-23_0014 This guy… Meet Matt Daddy West. There are no words! I am beyond Thankful I met Matt and Shaunna. They are precious people with the most genuine hearts. Matt will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt and he owns a pretty snazzy pair of shoes I wanted to snatch off his feet.  2013-10-23_0011 The thing I LOVED most about TCM was meeting so many wonder folks. There were shoppers and bloggers from all over the United States. I met Instagram followers left and right. I had no idea people actually ready my blog or pay attention to what I say on Twitter– So many sweet comments and kind words. I appreciate them more than you know. There were a few familiar faces that popped in through out the day and I couldn’t have been happier to see them, You guys brightened my day.  2013-10-23_0012

I even snagged a few goodies of my own. I’m still swooning over these metal folding chairs from  the Chicago Park District. Susan knows how to win my heart over. Oh and that flannel bunting– Doesn’t it belong in a little guys room?!?  I can’t wait to style a super fun shoot with all these goodies.   2013-10-25_0002

I would be a horrible person if I didn’t mention my FABULOUS friend Rachel Odom. She is a lettering queen. I don’t think she realizes the talent she has. It’s INSANE. She helped me take my booth to the next level with all of my hand lettered chalk board signage. She dropped by the Chapel on Friday to help me finish a few last minute things and before I knew it she was chalking away. Shaunna, Layla and Lucy put her skills to work. I LOVE this Star she lettered for Lucy. I wanted to take it to my office.  2013-10-25_0001 Layla, I’m so grateful to know and work with you. You and Kevin are such a blessing and an inspiration to so many. It’s an honor to call you a friend I thank the Lord for bringing you guys into my life. 2013-10-23_0003 The Chapel Market Official 2013 iPhone Vendor photo. Urban Farmgirl,Evan G. CooperLucys InspiredSouthern AccentsSouthern MakersMary K. AndrewsPerfectly ImperfectThistlewood FarmsAt The Picket Fence,Miss Mustard SeedFinding HomeAcres of HopeMaple & Magnolia, Rachel Odom andPoppy Pedals. It was a pleasure spending the weekend with you ladies. Look forward to seeing you all again very soon! Until next time… 2013-10-23_0015

Chapel Market Flowering

Last Monday I met up with my friend Layla from The Lettered Cottage.  We have been busy pickin’ goodies for #thechapelmarket that will be taking place here in town in October!


While we were wandering the flea market the other day, we found a collection of vintage tins—my eyes light up! I instantly saw beautiful vases for flowers. Most of the time people think that flowers have to be in pretty glass vases—that’s not  always the case.  These vintage tins have TONS of personality and can dress up any table, nightstand or countertop. The perfect addition to any cottage.

Once we wrapped up our shopping trip we headed over to the local wholesale market to pick up a few beautiful blooms.  Since we picked the Tetley tin to make our arrangement in, we wanted to pick flowers that would play up the royal blue color so we chose pops of pink and yellow.


After we chose our beautiful blooms we headed back to the office to get to work. It was such a beautiful day, we pulled the work tables outside. NOTE: This are iPhone photos. I apologize the quality is not up to par.

2013-07-20_002 2013-07-20_001

and the finished project… Layla and I were so pleased with the outcome.

2013-07-20_003 Remember, I will be having a fresh flower booth at #thechapelmarket. Ya know, it will be similar to what you would see at a Farmers Market or on the curb of a big city! I will even have a couple of small arrangements in a few of my favorite vintage tins.

The Market will be open from 9:00am to 5:00pm on the 19th of October.

The address for the Market is:

1 Chapel Hill Street
Pike Road, Alabama

We have had over 300 RSVP. If you are planning on coming make sure you hop on over to our Facebook Page and click on the “events” icon.


and then click, “join”. It just takes a few simple clicks and you are all RSVP’d and ready to go!


We are so excited that each and everyone of you are just as excited as we are. We look forward to meeting all of you! Can’t wait to see everyone there! See ya soon!

The Chapel Market

Ladies and Gentlemen, I come bearing some very exciting news! The Chapel Market—it’s a vintage goods market in Pike Road Alabama on October 19th.


Logo by our extremely talented friend Courtnie from Poppy Pedals

The market will be held at what is technically called “The Meeting House” but most folks around here refer to it as “The Chapel.”


The chapel is a beautiful place.  We actually did a wedding there last October. It’s one of our favorite venues. Every little girl dreams about having their wedding in a little white chapel with a steeple. It host many other events, birthday parties, etc. But we are SUPER PUMPED that it will be the home of the FIRST EVER Chapel Market.

There are some REALLY, REALLY big names that will be at the Chapel. Be sure to head on over and read Layla’s post for a complete profile on each vendor that will be at #TheChapelMarket.

I am so thrilled that she not only asked me to help plan the event, but offered me a booth space. We will be selling fresh flowers. Fun bouquets like you would find at the famers market or on the downtown streets of a big city. The chapel is going to smell heavenly.  😉


If you’re planning on attending #TheChapelMarket head on over to our Facebook Page and lets us know. Select the events box:


It will then redirect you to the events page where you will select “Join”.


Since there will be so many folks coming from out of town, we wanted to be sure and include some near by hotels. All of these are just off I-85 in (east) Montgomery, Alabama- approximately 15 minutes from the market:


I’ve personally never stayed at any of them, but know people who have and would recommend any of them. They are all newly built and in pristine condition. There’s tons of shopping and eateries in the same area.

We are so excited about the Market. We seriously can’t wait for October to get here. Be on the look out for and update this week on Layla’s Blog, you might see a familiar face. 😉 Happy Friday!

Oh and don’t forget—the official hashtag for the market is: #TheChapelMark