Hello World! How’s it been going? I know, I know. I’m a horrible blogger. It’s been a while but things have been going full force around here. Between weddings and events there is no time breath. In honor of my absence I thought you guys deserved to see something  oozed loads and loads of cuteness. Are you ready?!

3 Weeks ago I had the pleasure of planning a 1st Birthday for the most adorable little one year old, Collins Elizabeth. (You Might remember her from this post or this one.) When her Dad text me about planning the party, there was only one response “Of course”. So we sat out for a night of planning all things #collinsturnsone. I will always remember that night, not because KC cooked a delicious meal, or we dreamt up over the top ideas, or Zoe ran to the door screaming “Mr. Evan, Mr. Evan” when I arrived but because the power was out. YUP! We planned a birthday party in the dark with our iPhone Flashlights and mason jar candles. I’m telling you folks I live a glamorous life. 😉 I think the hardest part of the power being out was no wifi, which meant no Pinterest. But as any true professional we pushed through it and created a day that will forever be special. Collins may not remember it now but she’ll smile from ear to ear one day when she looks back on all of the pictures.

Below are a few of those images from the Collins big day. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Maria of Lola Photography and Portrait Studio  for coming out to document this special occasion for #thegodwingang.

HUGE Shout Out to my extremely talented graphic designer Amanda Claybrook Young for designing these invites. They were perfect! Isn’t latter lettering perfect? My friend Lindsey Ryll lettered the envelope. 2014-03-23_0009 a party guest told me, “it looks like it’s straight off of Pinterest”. That’s a compliment, right? 2014-03-23_0004 Mini milk bottles with stripe straws= Perfection. The doughnut tree is always a fun way to add height to your table. Give it some visual interest so everything is sitting flat on a tray.  2014-03-23_0001 These cookies were just over the top! So perfect and yummy! Thanks to my sweet Instagram follower Lorraine for sending these over.  2014-03-23_0008 2014-03-23_0003 Let’s have a moment of silence for Acres of Hope table. This custom farmhouse table is everything. Perfect for lots of party guest!  2014-03-23_0007 2014-03-23_0012 Another fun piece lettered by my friend Lindsey Ryll. Fun little detail that can also be repurposed and used as art in Collins bedroom. Oh and YES AMERICA, those are carnations. They can be beautiful! I PROMISE!  2014-03-23_0010 2014-03-23_0011 “Now Mr. Evan, do you really think I am going to keep that on my head?”  Cute little party hat just Collin’s size that we created with some scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby.  2014-03-23_0006 2014-03-23_0005 Now that’s one freakin’ adorable family, right?  2014-03-23_0002 No party is complete without a few iPhone pics, right?!? Here are a few from my #collinsturnsone collection.  2014-03-23_0013 It’s been almost 3 years since I met JW and his family and I am beyond grateful that God has allowed our paths to cross. Thank you for opening your home and inviting me in as family. It’s truly an honor to be a part of such special memories in your family’s life. Oh and I’ll take ya up on that lunch raincheck anyway! 😉


Christmas Mantle

You guys remember #thegodwingang, right? I blogged a few photos I took of them a couple weeks back. Well, come to find out, they have a GORGEOUS home and when I saw their Mantle I was dying to get my hands on it. It was begging for some holiday decor.

I headed over to the Godwin Casa this past Friday evening with hundreds of ornaments and yards and yards of ribbon in tow. When I walked in I had a minor heart attack.. the first thing I noticed was the tree. It was GINORMOUS. J sent me a text the night they were picking it out, but that photo didn’t do it justice. After I got over the initial christmas tree shock I sat down to eat dinner– Talk about hostess with the mostess. Grilled Chicken and Mac and Cheese, YUM!

KC had spent hours putting lights on the tree earlier that day and I couldn’t have been more thankful. That is my least favorite thing to do when it comes to decorating a tree. With that already done, JW started hooking ornaments and I started hanging them on the tree. After all the ornaments had been hung, I placed the bow on top. We were set. Well minus a few limbs sticking out above the bow. I moved the ladder over and climbed up to trim a few branches and missed. YUP! You guessed it, I cut the light cord. The whole top half of the tree went out. I was mortified. At least we can laughed about it now. I’m NEVER allowed to decorate after 11pm.

Side Note: That wasn’t the only think I broke that night. There might have been a broken vase too. ;( I’m not sure I will be allowed back over. They might not trust me again. You could only imagine the reaction I got from JW when I asked if we could put a real fire in the fireplace for photos. hahaha

View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/cooper

(Wrapping Paper: Hobby Lobby, Sam’s Club and Walmart | Gold and Silver Round Giftboxes: Dollar Tree)

When trying to decide on a “theme” for their mantle I tossed around a couple of different concepts, but never fully set on anything specific. The only MUST HAVE was a fresh garland and boy did it set the stage. I am so thrilled with how everything turned out. What do you think?

View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/cooper

I love layering. Wether it’s clothes, a wedding tablescape or a holiday mantle it adds tons of dimension to whatever you are doing. When styling I always try to mix a little old with new. The taper candle holders came from the goodwill. They were only a quarter each. JW is a layer and all of the books we used on the Mantle are old law books. Most everything was something I already had or little trinkets that I found while I was out and about. And can we have a moment for that Stag Head? I saw it at Target and almost fell out. I.HAD.TO.HAVE.IT. The horns are gold, all the more reason to get it, right?  I want everyone to know, JW selected the red candle in the lantern. I had a white one that I wanted to use but he felt the red popped more. He was right. We wins! HIGH FIVE! I’ll have to reward him for his styling win. View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/cooper

(Fresh Garland: Costc0 | Metal Stars: Caffco | Burlap “G” Initial” Hobby Lobby | Stag Head: Target | Stockings: Target)

The most exciting part of decorating their home was spending time with these cuties. I absolutely LOVE children and when Zoe came running in the door from school screaming “Mr. Evan, Mr. Evan, Mr. Evan” she instantly won me over. It melted my heart. Olivia sat on the floor with me for over an hour wrapping gifts and singing to me. It was the sweetest thing. I was in heaven. I’m trying to talk them into a trip to the Zoo to see the Christmas lights.  It would complete my holiday season! I have made myself an honorary member of #thegodwingang. View More: http://nickdrollette.pass.us/cooper

I hope you guys LOVE the Mantle just as much as I do. It is always a pleasure working and hanging out with the Godwins. In the meantime I am heading out to get prepped for this weekends weddings. It’s a BIG weekend! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram (@evangcooper) for a behind the scenes look.  Can’t wait to hear your feedback.

a HUGE thank you for my friend Nick of Nick Drollette Photography for stopping in and shooting these pictures for us.


Most of you guys know I used to be a “photographer”. I worked with Kim Box Photography for almost 4 years, traveled to multiple countries shooting documentary photos and shot tons of families so it’s kind of in my blood. It’s honestly been MONTHS since I have picked up my camera. I very rarely shoot, but there’s a few people that can get it out of me and when JW called, I couldn’t say No.

I have NO words to describe how precious this family is.  I met JW and KC several years back. Long story short, we have TONS of mutual friends in common so it was only a matter of time before we actually “met”. After that FB friend request it was Literally a couple of weeks later and we ran into each other at the Home Improvement store.

#Thegodwingang is made up of JW, KC and their 3 beautiful and healthy girls, Olivia Claire, Zoe Grace, and Collins Elizabeth. It is a pure joy to follow their family’s Journey.  You can certainly see the love this family has for each other. When I need a little pick-me-up I head over to Instagram and click #thegodwingang hashtag. It will ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I couldn’t help myself. I pulled a few of my favorites. You guys HAVE TO SEE!

How adorable is that shower cap?!?! One of my ALL TIME Favorites, that nail polish…I laugh EVERY TIME. I could only imagine the reaction they had when they walked into the bathroom. 2013-11-26_0007 Bedtime Stories, Chick Fil A cows, oversized hats and Daddy the hair stylist. It just warms my heart.  2013-11-26_0008

I know, I know I could go on all day with the cuteness, but we’ve gotta get  back to the reason we’re here—Family Pictures.  Like I said above, there are only a few folks that can get me to dust off my camera and I did literally just that when JW called for Christmas Pictures. Below are a few of my favorites from this past weekend.  I can’t wait to get my Christmas Card in the mail. 2013-11-26_0006

I think Daddy is going to have to keep his guard up. This cuteness is going to break a lot of hearts! 2013-11-26_0005

Zoe Grace just brightens up any room she walks into. That smile is infectious.  2013-11-26_0004

Collins Elizabeth is just growing to fast! How adorable are those cheeks?!?! 2013-11-26_0003

If this doesn’t scream Christmas Card, I don’t know what does. It’s PERFECT!  2013-11-26_0002

Thank again Godwin’s for letting me be a part of your Holiday Season. I know that your Christmas Card is going to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of faces. Oh and By The Way, these guys just moved into a sweet new house out in the middle of no where! I am heading over next week to work a little Holiday Mantle Action. Stay tuned for a post coming very soon! It’s gonna be RAD. Can’t wait to share with everyone.