#TheChapelMarket Recap

Y’all, WE DID IT! #TheChapelMarket was beyond a success. I remember the day I received the text from Layla, “Hey! I have something I want to talk to you about. :-)”.  I’m glad We proceeded with that conversation….

DISCLAIMER: I stole most of these photos. I never take my camera with Me and I regretted it over and over this weekend. Thankfully these professional bloggers never leave home without theirs. Be sure to visit each of their blogs for their #thechapelmarket aftermath posts.  

The day couldn’t have been more perfect. YES!! This is real life! Beautiful blue skies and a quaint little white Chapel.  2013-10-23_0008 2013-10-23_0016 TCM is a Vintage Goods Market, held in Pike Road, Alabama and if you missed it, SHAME ON YOU. It was beyond FANTASTIC. There are really no words that can properly describe it. I had a smile from ear to ear for 3 days straight! It’s just what my heart needed.

Friday and Saturday were a complete whirlwind. I vaguely remember everything that happened. I arrived late on Friday afternoon due to previous commitments, when I pulled into the Chapel parking lot all I could see were trucks, trailers, and lots of pretties.  2013-10-23_0010 The day wouldn’t have been possible with out the helping hands of many of Layla’s blogger friends. (I had NO IDEA the blogging world was the way that it is.) These ladies are like the Oprah’s of blogging. It’s INSANE.  2013-10-23_0009 2013-10-23_0001 Market Professionals– that’s what all these ladies are! Their booths were styled to PERFECTION. SO  much amazingness in one room.  2013-10-23_0005

I have to say, Mary’s (Urban Farmgirl) booth might have been my Favorite. I felt like I was in a Ralph Lauren inspired club house. It was beyond perfect. Mary and Susan (Maples and Magnolia) know how to style their little hearts out.   2013-10-23_0013 How fantastic is this lady’s find from Mary’s booth?!? Can’t you just see that hanging on her wall in her craft room? LOVE IT!  2013-10-23_0004 My life is much sweeter having met Mary and Susan. There are no words to describe the feelings I have towards these ladies. Not only are they super talented, but they are genuine. Such a giving heart! I PROMISE I am coming to Chicago soon!  2013-10-23_0006 When planning The Chapel Market, Layla was persistent on me having a booth. I don’t sell pillows, pretty hand painted furniture or candles but I do know a thing or two about flowers. So a Fresh Flower Stand was born. I Love this shot Layla captured of me prepping all the pretty blooms.  2013-10-23_0007

I have to admit, I was pretty darn excited with the way my booth turned out. Doesn’t it just scream “Street corner in NYC”?  2013-10-23_0014 This guy… Meet Matt Daddy West. There are no words! I am beyond Thankful I met Matt and Shaunna. They are precious people with the most genuine hearts. Matt will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt and he owns a pretty snazzy pair of shoes I wanted to snatch off his feet.  2013-10-23_0011 The thing I LOVED most about TCM was meeting so many wonder folks. There were shoppers and bloggers from all over the United States. I met Instagram followers left and right. I had no idea people actually ready my blog or pay attention to what I say on Twitter– So many sweet comments and kind words. I appreciate them more than you know. There were a few familiar faces that popped in through out the day and I couldn’t have been happier to see them, You guys brightened my day.  2013-10-23_0012

I even snagged a few goodies of my own. I’m still swooning over these metal folding chairs from  the Chicago Park District. Susan knows how to win my heart over. Oh and that flannel bunting– Doesn’t it belong in a little guys room?!?  I can’t wait to style a super fun shoot with all these goodies.   2013-10-25_0002

I would be a horrible person if I didn’t mention my FABULOUS friend Rachel Odom. She is a lettering queen. I don’t think she realizes the talent she has. It’s INSANE. She helped me take my booth to the next level with all of my hand lettered chalk board signage. She dropped by the Chapel on Friday to help me finish a few last minute things and before I knew it she was chalking away. Shaunna, Layla and Lucy put her skills to work. I LOVE this Star she lettered for Lucy. I wanted to take it to my office.  2013-10-25_0001 Layla, I’m so grateful to know and work with you. You and Kevin are such a blessing and an inspiration to so many. It’s an honor to call you a friend I thank the Lord for bringing you guys into my life. 2013-10-23_0003 The Chapel Market Official 2013 iPhone Vendor photo. Urban Farmgirl,Evan G. CooperLucys InspiredSouthern AccentsSouthern MakersMary K. AndrewsPerfectly ImperfectThistlewood FarmsAt The Picket Fence,Miss Mustard SeedFinding HomeAcres of HopeMaple & Magnolia, Rachel Odom andPoppy Pedals. It was a pleasure spending the weekend with you ladies. Look forward to seeing you all again very soon! Until next time… 2013-10-23_0015