The Chapel Market

Ladies and Gentlemen, I come bearing some very exciting news! The Chapel Market—it’s a vintage goods market in Pike Road Alabama on October 19th.


Logo by our extremely talented friend Courtnie from Poppy Pedals

The market will be held at what is technically called “The Meeting House” but most folks around here refer to it as “The Chapel.”


The chapel is a beautiful place.  We actually did a wedding there last October. It’s one of our favorite venues. Every little girl dreams about having their wedding in a little white chapel with a steeple. It host many other events, birthday parties, etc. But we are SUPER PUMPED that it will be the home of the FIRST EVER Chapel Market.

There are some REALLY, REALLY big names that will be at the Chapel. Be sure to head on over and read Layla’s post for a complete profile on each vendor that will be at #TheChapelMarket.

I am so thrilled that she not only asked me to help plan the event, but offered me a booth space. We will be selling fresh flowers. Fun bouquets like you would find at the famers market or on the downtown streets of a big city. The chapel is going to smell heavenly.  😉


If you’re planning on attending #TheChapelMarket head on over to our Facebook Page and lets us know. Select the events box:


It will then redirect you to the events page where you will select “Join”.


Since there will be so many folks coming from out of town, we wanted to be sure and include some near by hotels. All of these are just off I-85 in (east) Montgomery, Alabama- approximately 15 minutes from the market:


I’ve personally never stayed at any of them, but know people who have and would recommend any of them. They are all newly built and in pristine condition. There’s tons of shopping and eateries in the same area.

We are so excited about the Market. We seriously can’t wait for October to get here. Be on the look out for and update this week on Layla’s Blog, you might see a familiar face. 😉 Happy Friday!

Oh and don’t forget—the official hashtag for the market is: #TheChapelMark

I went Fishing…

Happy Memorial Day, Y’all! I hope that everyone has had/ is having a wonderful holiday weekend. I knew this weekend and upcoming week were going to be super fast paced, so I decided to take the day off Friday and went fishing with the boys. YES! Fishing! I know, it’s a complete Shocker, right?!

When Horton asked if I wanted to go, I laughed in his face… literally. I decided to go though, “Why not?” I said to myself. I think the last time I had been fishing was when I was about 5.  Ya know, the mandatory time—where little boys go with their Dads and take their bright red Hot Wheels fishing pole. Right?

Our adventure started early. Well early to me (I don’t even make it over to the office until after 9:00am most mornings). I was honestly clueless as to where we were going. I was just “along for the adventure”.  After picking up Zongo and Lil. Larry we headed to Verbena Alabama. A mutual friend of ours, Donald lives in the area. His family has some Land with a beautiful pond. Remember, it’s been a LONG time since I have been fishing so I kind of forgot what I was in for—We were literally in the middle of no where. If I would’ve gotten bite by a water moccasin, I would’ve been left for dead. No time to get to a hospital from Verbena.

We unloaded the car, baited the hooks and set off on our journey. Of course I didn’t bait anything. I had no clue as to what I was doing and the fact of touching slimy creatures just isn’t my thing. Horton was kind enough to get me going and take care of all those fishing to-dos.

I have to admit, I can honestly see where fishing could be therapeutic, but it’s not for me.  Standing for hours in one spot, the sun beaming on you, bugs… oh the list goes on and on. I was actually have a semi- exciting time until Horton comes darting across the way—“I just almost stepped on a water moccasin.” It was that moment I was out. No more for me. I can’t die fishing.

I’m really glad I went—It was certainly a step outside of my comfort zone, was a nice little getaway with the guys. I’m ready for round 2! LET’S GO!

There just might be video of our car conversations. Hopefully we will have it up very soon!



I think the Gap should endorse me, right? Stylish Fisherman– that’s how I roll. What do you think of it? My Friend Hannah HATES it!



Horton is a PRO! Can’t touch him!



Isn’t it just beautiful?!


Louisville, KY

A couple weeks back our Fine Arts State Level Competition took place, and I couldn’t be more proud of the Students who participated in the festivities. We are looking forward to #Orlando13. We are SO EXCITED!! We can’t wait, LITERALLY. The countdown is on. So in honor of our fast approaching National Festival this year, Our trip from last year…..

Back in August we took a little road trip to Louisville Kentucky with my church Montgomery First. It is here where the 2013 Fine Art Festival took place. For those of you that don’t know, Fine Arts is a discipleship tool of national youth ministries designed to “help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts. From Signing, Drama, Graphic Design, Art, Photography, and even writing. There are over 61 categories– something for every student.

A week away with 25 of your closet friends, we have a BLAST. From Celebrating my Birthday with Addy Grace in Hard Rock Cafe to taking home 2 National Award of Merits for Photography entries– it was a FANTASTIC.

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Midweek Adventure– Troy, Alabama

We have been busy little bees around the Evan and Company offices. With weddings, Mothers Day, and moving everything over to the New Offices it’s easy to loose track of time.

We recently took a trip to Troy, Alabama. My friend Shaunna West has a FANTASTIC shop located in the Square downtown Troy. The Shop, Perfectly Imperfect is an extension of her blog and it’s more than I can handle. I would literally put EVERYTHING in my home. Shaunna sent me a text saying she needed some help with the Vintage Market they were hosting and of course we couldn’t tell her no. There’s no telling what you’ll get yourself into when she calls— but this time it was rather simple. Well kinda, expect the time we were hanging pennants and swinging from the chandelier.

The color inspiration for the Vintage Market was pops of coral, yellow. We used Snap Dragons, Pink O’hara Garden Roses, Veronica, celosia, Parrot Tulips, Ranunculus, Green Trick, and daisy cushion mums.


knowing what the color inspiration was, we couldn’t pass up the BEAUTIFUL Parrot tulips. They were exactly what we were looking for.


Perfectly imperfect is the “Go To” shop for the infamous Annie Sloan Chalk paint so it only made sense we made fun little arrangements to sit around. By the way, Shaunna also teaches workshops on how to use the wonderful paint.



This arrangement might be one of my MOST Favorites that I’ve done. Isn’t it perfect?!? The colors and those old wooden crates just take it to another level. So happy with how it turned out and I think Shaunna was too.



No trip to Troy is complete without a trip to the quaint little downtown eatery, Flo’s. Great Burgers, Fries, and of course MY FAVORITE Chicken Fingers.



True celebrities sit in the back seat, right? I took my posse Hillary and Lindsey with me on this little adventure. I couldn’t have done it without them– They climbed ladders, swung from chandeliers and Lindsey even picked a new rug for the house. To top if off, she drove back. I have the BEST FRIENDS.