Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life

“Social Media allows us to paint a picture of our lives that we want people to see.” This past weekend, my sweet friend Brooke posted that on Instagram and it hit me hard. It got me thinking…

So often we only allow people to see the “pretty” when all we see is the ugly on the other side. People often tell me, “You are so happy and full of Joy.”  “You’re work is incredible.” “You’re so fun.” “I love how much you love life.”  That opinion is perceived by the things I post via social media. No, it’s not that I’m lying or those post are “fake”, it’s just another part of my life. Honestly my friends and I chuckle every time we see a post like that on IG. Why? Because It’s so far from the truth– If you know me personally you know I’ve messed up,  I’m a jerk sometimes, I have bad days just like you. I’m human, no different.

“My life looks better on the Internet than it does in real life. Everyone’s life looks better on the internet than it does in real life—we get to decide what people see and what they don’t.” No one wants to see an Instagram photo of an ugly flower arrangement, or listen to me vent on twitter about a hurtful email I received. They want to see the good, not the Ugly. Though I don’t post my struggles, sins or insecurities online for everyone to read about, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any or mess up daily.

Jesus sees the good, bad AND the ugly. I’m so thankful for His grace and mercy. He looks past of failures and our ugly moments and allows us to move forward and finish the work he has alined for us.

This picture sums up my life. I have a glamorous job. I style glamorous photo shoots, plan beautiful weddings, eand make girls dreams a reality but inside I’m still a 23 year old guy who has a messy room and makes mistakes just like you.


Remember, the very best things in life can’t be captured in an Instagram photos. Happy Tuesday!