TOP 10

It’s superbowl Sunday, and I could care less. Football means nothing to me. I mean come on, who is honestly going to remember who won a month from now?  So I decided, what better way spend my Sunday evening…blogging. I am so excited. My new blog has been a long time coming. I have been waiting for what seems like forever. So, I present to you: TOP 10. These are the Top 10 things that I can’t live with out. Ok. I admit. Some of them are a little crazy and maybe kinda out there, but I CAN’T live without them. Its true.

(1.) My 2007 Nissan Xterra (2.) Chicken Fingers (3.) Coca Cola Classic (4.) The Gap (5.) My iPhone (6.) My Camera (7.) Chick-fil-a (8.) My Computers (9.) A&E Television (10.) Red Velvet Cookies

TOP 10


  1. #1 is after I get done washing your car!

  2. Let’s see…. #3, #6 and #8 are the same for me too! This is a cute post idea. I am hoping to start a blog when Xack and I get married. One for our crazy adventures as husband and wife on the crazy adventure that will be his medical school career!

  3. Hahahahaha! Those red velvet cookies are cracking me upp.

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