Zac the Intern– [Guatemala City, Guatemala Film Photographer]

Where do I possibly begin?  Zachary Griner is a good ole’ southern boy from Ocilla Georgia. I met “Hey Arnold”, I mean Zach this year in Guatemala. He was serving as the official “Intern” to the Dave and Debbie Amsler, the Missionaries we worked with while there.  It has been said many times by several people in our group that, “We felt like Zach should have come back with us.” That’s the truth. Zach is one of the most down to earth people you will meet. He’s hilarious, a huge sports fan, LOVES Zaxby’s, and  most importantly– He loves the Lord! Hey Zach, remember that time you knocked over a whole self of stuff  trying to show me some hair gel?  He fit in so well with our group it’s kinda creepy. I think several of the girls even had a tiny crush on him too– I won’t name names. I’ll be nice. 😉

The night before we left to head back to the states, I realized I have about 6 shots left on the roll of film in my camera– I asked Zach to meet me down stairs the next morning so I could finish it off. I was pretty pleased with the results. I think he was to! (or at least I hope he was.) haha Below are several of the shots I took that morning.

Lastly, I leave you with my favorite quote from Zach on the trip: “I have a question– Can I Hold your glasses?” –Zachary Griner

Zac_Blog_#1 Zac_Blog_#2


  1. oh Zack!! He was indeed a great guy.:)) nice photos…

  2. Allan Griner says

    Great photos! Thank you for your very kind comments about Zack. I am so very proud of my son and it makes me even prouder when others notice how wonderful he is.

  3. Hillary Kelley says

    Hahaha!!!… I love the intro story…. And these are good pics of “Hey Arnold”… Lol

  4. Awww, Zack seems so cool! Great images, Evan! 🙂

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